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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Sept/Oct 2007

David Fisher's Data Corner

In 1938 John and Ethel Christie moved into a flat at no.10 Rillington Place, a run-down house in Londonís Notting Hill Gate. Ten years later a young couple, Timothy and Beryl Evans, moved into the top floor flat at the same house, together with their infant daughter Geraldine.

Timothy Evans

On 30 November Evans confessed to police that he had strangled his wife and child, but later blamed Christie. Christie, who was a witness at Evansí trial at the Old Bailey, denied everything; Evans was found guilty of the murder of his child (he was never officially charged with his wifeís murder) and was hanged on 9th March 1950.

On 24th March 1953 a West Indian tenant found a papered-over cupboard in Christieís former flat. It contained three prostitutes who had been strangled and raped. The police later found Ethel Christieís body under the floorboards and the bodies of two other women buried in the garden. These last two Christie had murdered in 1943 and 1944 while serving as a Special Constable in the War Reserve Police. He was charged only with his wifeís murder, was found guilty and hanged on 15th July 1953.

Many people at the time thought it was stretching coincidence a bit too far to have two stranglers living at the same address, and an official inquiry was held as to whether Evansí trial had resulted in a miscarriage of justice. However, the inquiry concluded that Evans was guilty, in spite of the fact that Christie confessed to murdering Beryl Evans. Years later Evans was granted a posthumous pardon, but there are still many crime buffs who contend that he was guilty of murdering his child.

John Christie

JOHN REGINALD HALLIDAY CHRISTIE: 8 April 1898; Halifax, Yorkshire (53N44 001W52); time not known.

TIMOTHY JOHN EVANS: 20 November 1924; Merthyr Vale, South Wales (51N43 003W22); time not known.

The above details can be found in 10 Rillington Place by Ludovic Kennedy (1961; Grafton Books reprint 1988)


William Wilberforce was the son of a wealthy merchant and educated at St Johnís College, Cambridge. In 1780 he was elected MP for Hull and in 1784 for Yorkshire, and became a close friend of William Pitt the Younger while remaining an Independent. In 1784-85 he was converted to evangeli-cal Christianity and this led to a campaign for the abolition of slavery in the British West Indies, although this was not achieved until 1807. In the meantime (on 30 May 1797) Wilberforce had married Barbara Ann Spooner; they had four sons and two daughters.

It was Wilberforceís aim to secure the abolition of the slave trade entirely, but declining health compelled him to retire from public life in 1825. He died ion 29th July 1833 and the Slavery Abolition Act became law one month later.

WILLIAM WILBERFORCE: 24th August 1759; Hull (53N45 000W20); time not known. William Wilberforce by Willian Hague (Harpercollins 2007) p.4.


Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr began his journalist career as a trainee with The Scotsman and became the BBCís political editor in 2000. He has also had spells with The Independent (as editor), the Daily Express and The Observer. Nowa-days he is regularly seen on TV talking straight to camera with the Houses of Parliament behind him. His wife is former ITN political journalist Jackie Ashley, daughter of Labour peer Jack Ashley. (For some strange reason, the TV show Dead Ringers always portrays Marr with incredibly long arms.)

ANDREW WILLIAM STEVENSON MARR: 31 July 1959; Glasgow (55N53 004W15); 07:25 am BST (06:25 GMT). Caroline Gerard from birth certificate.


So Tim Henman has failed to win Wimbledon yet again, but we didnít come away entirely empty-handed this year. On July 8th 2007 Jamie Murray, with his partner Jelena Jankovic, won the Mixed Doubles title, beating Jonas Bjorkman and Alicia Molek 6-4 3-6 6-1 in the final.

JAMIE ROBERT MURRAY: 13 February 1986; Glasgow (55N53 004W15); 02:01 am GMT. Caroline Gerard from birth certificate.