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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Sept/Oct 2007

The AA's Online Database

by Frank Clifford

Looking for the data for a celebrity's new-born child? Keen to do some research into people who excel in a particular field? Want to look at the chart for a political decision or resignation? From early July 2006, we began posting new birth and mundane data on the AA's Online Chart Database. Every fortnight there is new data of people and/or events in the news. Log on to and click on 'Online Chart Database' to check out the updates. You will need your member's password and PIN, which can be re-sent to you by emailing

This, plus the updating of existing records on the database, will be an on-going project to raise the quality and profile of the AA's online data collection.

Editors and Volunteers Needed

The AA's Online Chart Database is being revamped and updated, and we need your help! Frank Clifford is supervising this project and is looking for a handful of volunteers (Editors) who are happy to track down and submit data from the following areas:

1) Sport

2) Entertainment

3) Mundane

4) Politics

5) History & Royalty

Being an Editor would entail sending Frank Clifford new and accurately sourced data (mundane and/or natal). New additions are uploaded every two weeks on the AAs website.

Frank welcomes anyone else who would like to submit data, particularly those who are actively researching birth data or have regular access to mundane data from newspapers or the internet.

Be a part of the Data Team - and be credited with data scoops!

How many times have you sat in an astrology class or talk where the lecturer is using the wrong chart? Perhaps it's a speculative birth time, or one that's been rectified by goodness-knows-who, or simply a chart that 'feels right' to them (which always says more about the astrologer than the nativity).

A collection of accurate natal and mundane data benefits the whole astro-logical community, allowing us to conduct research while raising professional standards of accuracy and reporting. This AA data project is a chance for you to contribute accurate information and be credited for doing so.

To make the database a valuable research tool for the community, we really do need your help. So, whether you have natal or mundane data that you would like to share, please send it to Frank and we'll quote you online as the contributor.

Please submit data and sources to Frank Clifford at: or by post c/o the Astrological Association.