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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Sept/Oct 2007

You're Fired!

by Kathleen Barnett

The new series of "The Apprentice" earlier this year, and the article about Sir Alan Sugar in Transit last year awakened my interest in the astrology of business leaders.

Take a look at this "horoscope" (right)

chart showing main planetary placements

Don't worry for the moment about the detail of which dots represent which planets and in which signs. I have purposely left this out to give you an immediate visual impression and because I want to concentrate on just the bare bones of the chart.

If this was the horoscope of a person, I would like to bet that the minute it came out of the printer you would say to yourself: "I have to talk to this person about parental issues".

The packed 4th and 10th houses give this away instantly, and when I tell you that the Moon is in the 4th house in Capricorn opposition the Node in 10th and that Saturn is in the 10th house conjunct the MC and opposition a Pluto-Mars conjunction in 4th, I think you would agree that the first impression theme is strongly corroborated.

You would be right to think that here is "something" with tensions about "parental guidance". In fact, what we have is the birth of a new business unit within a large organisation, and the tensions that show quite clearly are those caused by poor management, which eventually led to its demise.

In the same way that babies and children need parents as authority figures, role models and nurturers, so managers need to provide motivation, consistency, trust, leadership and appreciation for their staff.

What happened in this case is that over a six year period there never was a stable Head of Unit or leader. The first was head-hunted immediately after the unit was opened and moved to America. The second stayed for six months. The third was unpopular and incompetent and in between these three were various "acting heads" who had other jobs to do and could not give time and attention to looking after the fledgling unit.

The inevitable happened. Feeling unloved by an absent or failing parent can have serious consequences for a child in terms of self-esteem, behaviour and identity development. The same was true for this unit and an unaspected Uranus in the 6th house tells the story. Instead of a united and productive team, the staff became a group of rampant individuals. There were no structures or controls in place to contain them and no clear guidance about what was expected because this kept changing with each new manager and so they ran wild. The unit failed, and in early 2007, when transiting Uranus crossed the Descendant, a grand cross came into being. The unit's identity fell apart and it was closed down and the staff were either made redundant or redeployed, victims of "bad parenting".

chart showing main planetary placements

To complete the story, the third head of the unit, who facilitated its break-up and had the job of telling staff who was out of a job, has a prominent Uranus Pluto conjunction in his natal chart (overturning the status quo) that sits exactly conjunct the unit's Ascendant. And the reason for the title? – Alan Sugar’s belligerent natal Mars is exactly conjunct the unit's Descendant and therefore symbolically linked with the unit's grand cross and its last head's Uranus opposition midlife crisis.

You couldn't make it up!