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The Astrologer's Newsletter - September/October 2008


(Allan) Cameron Greig

Born 04:20 am; 23rd January 1929; Edinburgh (source: birth certificate)

Died 6.15am GMT; 25th June 2008; Livingston, West Lothian

The Scottish Astrological Association has lost its "father figure" after some years of illness. Cameron was in the vanguard in the renewed interest in astrology in the 1970s. He had taken up the study of astrology some time earlier, and had studied it intensely. He enrolled with the Mayo School and examined every chart – or 'map' as he preferred to call it – he could lay his hands on. Even in his last few months, he was still reading charts.

In 1973 he persuaded the Edinburgh City Council to host evening classes, and it’s believed this was the first local authority in the UK to do so. The following year he and some others founded the Scottish Astrological Association, after electing the chart, of course! (16th February 1974, 12.26pm GMT, Edinburgh) He was pleased that several planets were on 'astrological degrees'.

He put a great amount of time and energy into the SAA, and invited many speakers to venture north to speak here: John Addey, Geoffrey Cornelius, Liz Greene and Charles Harvey are names which spring to mind from our early days.

He was a very active participant in the SAA and he was always seeking to encourage others. It would cheer Cameron to look around a room and see several groups of people chatting and discussing charts - choosing to forget that he had been instrumental in providing this very welcome base.

When Violet Milne moved to Edinburgh, she brought the job of the despatch of The Astrological Journal with her, and she, Cameron and some others sent it out from Scotland for several years thereafter. For 10 years before retirement in 1993 he was a Registrar (of Births, Deaths and Marriages) at South Queensferry, which he found fascinating, and in which role he had the joy of marrying his son and daughter-in-law.

As befitted a man with Sun in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini, he had many other interests too: golf, sailing, model railways, archaeology, radio, jazz (he played clarinet) and politics. He was a great advocate of Scottish independence. He also practised yoga, and was Chair of the Scottish Yoga Association. In this, too, he had a local authority instigating the new / renewed, and he became Midlothian County Council's first yoga teacher.

His marriage to Ena and their children formed the basis of his happiness, as his Moon in Cancer needed. He and Ena built their own home and named it after an Orcadian house, as he and Ena both had family connections with Orkney. Both children, Erlend and Maureen, then chose to have their own homes built next door, which also meant that Cameron could enjoy the company of his grand-daughter Christina so much more.

Many of Cameron's activities were curtailed after a stroke in May 1997, although, while he could still manage the flight of stairs, he did continue to attend the SAA. He continued to read at home: astrology, history and sacred texts, but his desire for intellectual freedom meant he couldn’t affiliate himself to any one religion. He found truths in all of them, substantiating his own innate principles. At his funeral, we were treated to Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" and "Sunrise Serenade" (chosen by Cameron), as well as a splendid, affectionate and humorous address by his son, delineating his life, his achievements and what some might call his eccentricities. Cameron would have laughed to hear it!

- Caroline Gerrard