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The Astrologer's Newsletter - September/October 2008

World News

by Jenni Harte

My, isn't is a lumpy ride? Pluto in the mop-up phase of its reign in Sagittarius brought numerous dark reminders that it's all change, no matter what we'd prefer. Adjustments in every aspect of life is the only thing on the menu and yes, it's uncomfortable. Those who hoped that Jupiter trine Saturn would be easier may have forgotten how unforgiving and judgemental Jupiter can be in Capricorn and he easily agrees with Saturn in Virgo, examining the detail analysing the data, any data and, in the main, found it wanting. There will be some benefits to this aspect but speed is not Saturn's thing.

The BIG astro-headline that takes over autumn 2008 is Saturn opposite Uranus, a transit that lasts into 2010 and continues as they both change signs. Much more on this next issue.

More immediately Jupiter stations direct at 12 Capricorn 32 on 8 September, squaring a stellium in Libra including Mercury, Venus and Mars the next day Pluto stations direct at 28 Sagittarius 30. The UK, the USA and the UN, the EEC, the NY Stock Exchange, and the FTSE are in the spotlight. Whether this is a turning point for the better is debateable but there's no quick fix for the current global fiscal crisis. Prognosis: once Pluto gets settled in Capricorn様ate November葉he real clear-up (and out) begins in earnest but that will certainly include continued pain for finances around the globe.

The Russian Bear woke up and went fighting in Georgia this summer, it's first foreign invasion since Afghanistan 1979. Foreign because they had to go through Georgia (a reluctant member of the USSR, now a US ally) to 'protect' it's interests - pipelines and citizens with Russian passports - in South Ossetia. It's hard to believe that it's been almost 20 years since Russia declared it's independence from the USSR as did Georgia. Russia's natal trine between Jupiter at 14 Virgo and N Node/Uranus/Moon/Neptune at 10-16 Capricorn were heavily activated by both transiting Jupiter on them all and Saturn transiting Jupiter in the 2nd house (at the time of the invasion of Georgia Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Mars all conjoined Jupiter). Russia, clearly determined to win over the August 1st eclipse exact on it's Chiron rising at 9+ Leo, sent in the army with the objective to maintain what control is possible in the breakaway area, with devastating effect towns and cities were destroyed and there were many casualties. South Ossetia has historically considered itself part of Russia but is within the boundaries of Georgia. It's always been messy in that region and at this writing Russia continues to dominate despite agreeing to pull out its troops. With transiting Neptune/N Node/Chiron opposing transiting Sun all square natal Pluto, and the Moon in Scorpio on the Venus/Pluto midpoint in Russia's 4th house, Russia attacked while the world was watching the opening celebration of the Beijing Olympics. Shame, Vladimir Putin has renewed an ugly commitment to evil and he still doesn't know nobody wins in war anymore.

Russia Independence Proclamation: 8 December 19991, 19:45, Moscow, 55 N 45, 37 E 35. Asc 14+Leo.

Very Dark Green Beijing Olympics Severe earthquakes rocked southwest China (again) accompanying the Solar Eclipse 1 August at 10 Leo and set the stage for the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics 8 August 2008. The games have been beset with charges of deception - how appropriate given Neptune rising in the '08 Olympics nativity. The media noise about the adorable little girl who sang in the opening ceremonies reached a crescendo when it was revealed that she was only lip-synching. Mercury had just moved off opposition to Neptune trine Pluto at the top of the chart. Despite the visibly poor air quality, China was determined to continue the illusion of a happy, healthy Olympics. Some clear days excepted, a Scorpio Moon didn't help, square the North Node and Chiron, both rising with Neptune casting a dark, often murky atmosphere much of the time. Dissidents were arrested, those who applied to demonstrate legally were detained (approved demonstration parks were all empty), there was a shocking murder and the opening pyrotechnics were disappointingly, if cleverly, computer generated. All of this as well as unrest in other parts of the country and the conflict in Georgia stealing the headlines. Then China's superstar performer, Liu Xiang, (13 July 1983, Shanghai) stunned the nation when he was forced to quit ahead of his heat due to injury. Uranus in the 1st house opposite Mars, Mercury opposite Neptune, the unexpected was expected and it came. Are the Chinese still so keen on the number 8? However, midway through the games, the Chinese lead in gold medals. China: 1 October 1949, 15:15 (CCT -8), Beijing, 39 N 55, 116 E 25. Asc 6 Aquarius. Olympics: 8 August 2008, 20:00 (AWST -8:00). Asc 3 Pisces.

Best of British: On the other hand, team GB produced their best Olympics results for a century as Mars moved across the UK Uranus and Ascendant. In the end, several British athletes look like making good money from endorsements - those gold medals have a way of morphing into healthy bank accounts for the hard-working few. Transiting Jupiter conjunct the UK Sun in Capricorn, trine UK Mars in Taurus and transiting Saturn trine them both. This also creates a more optimistic environment for the London 2012 Olympics. Well done Britain, so far holding third place in gold medals. UK: 1 January 1801, 0:00 Westminster, 53 N 30, 00 W 07. Asc 7+ Libra.

Barak Obama Mixes It Up They say a week is a long time in politics but Obama's been in this column since Jan/Feb 2007, he caught my imagination then and I STILL love him. As he puts the final touches on his acceptance speech for the Democratic Convention in Denver, a major new weapon was being unleashed -young people. Barak Obama, the first mixed race candidate for US President, is winning the hearts and minds of American (and international) youth...of all races. With his natal Mercury at 2+Leo opposite Jupiter at 1 Aquarius, and Moon at 3+ Gemini, he really does speak for everybody, even them. Not only is he an obvious departure from the usual suspects (yippee), he represents an entirely new demographic category as his mixed identity resonates heavily with the exploding population of mixed race babies and their friends, now old enough to care AND register to vote. As a mixed race senior stateswoman I promise you that this group will change the face of politics around the globe starting with the 2008 election. For the sake of the future we MUST ignite the imagination of young people around the planet and Obama has a unique role at this time. Obama: 4 August, 19:24, Honolulu, HI, 21 N 18, 157 W 51. Asc 18 Aquarius. Data: BC.

Nouriel Roubini
They call him Dr Doom Nouriel Roubini, a Persian Jew born in Istanbul, Professor Roubini is one of the most respected economists in the USA but it was not always thus. Roubini's reputation has grown since he predicted the current financial crisis in 2006. He's good, frighteningly so but was criticised for being overly pessimistic at the time (and his timing is off but not by a lot) predicting homeowners defaulting on mortgages in record numbers, trillions of dollars backing those mortgages collapsing and the seizing up of global finance, demise of hedge funds and big banks falling over. In 2006 financial pundits laughed at him, in 2008 they hang on his every word. So if you read/hear others predicting the collapse of yet another major bank, it was Roubini who told them, years ago. And he would, wouldn't he. Roubini's Sun is 8+ Aries, his Moon (even with no tob) is in Cancer - I'd bet square the Sun, and Uranus at 8 Leo. Ring any bells? It was his time to shine this summer. His Saturn is 25+ Sag, not so incidentally, he's been bloggin on all of it for years. He gets it and he gets it global! It took a while for the rest of the financial world to catch up to him but Sun Aries trine Uranus is like that, innit? He predicts technical recovery from recession (yes he says it is) by end of 2009 but job losses, corporate bankruptcies and slow growth will be around for years. He said (brooding): "We have a subprime financial system, not a subprime mortgage market." "This is the beginning of the end of the American empire." Others said: "He sounded like a madman in 2006, he was a prophet when he returned in 2007." Have a look. Nouriel Roubini: 29 March 1958, Istanbul, Turkey, 41 N 01, 28 E 58. No time. Data: Wikipedia.

Musharraf Eclipsed! On 18 August 2008, Pervez Musharraf, a contradictory man in a contradictory country stood down as President. The August 1999 eclipse ushered in a decade when he became the most powerful man in Pakistan. During his time in power, the Byzantine political landscape of Pakistan was also the stage of the Bhutto clan, ended with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto 27 December 2007. Musharraf's natal Sun at 18 Leo has responded exquisitely to eclipses. The North Node and Chiron opposing his Sun in recent months have carried a karmic theme and while his time in power was, in the main, self-aggrandising, he also reached out to other nations. Following 9/11 he allied himself with the US in the 'fight against terrorism,' a shrewd move for any dictator--the West is happiest with a stable regime democratic or not, in a volatile region. In the event, the Solar Eclipse on his natal Jupiter and the Node and Chiron opposing his Sun in recent months, as well as the Solar Eclipse in February 2008, brought about a half cycle eclipse pattern. He may be down but don't count him out. Standing down gracefully, saving the cost用olitical and economic熔f an impeachment and to all appearances having made a rational decision about his position, we have not heard the last of Musharraf.

Pervez Musharraf: 11 August 1943, Delhi, India, 28 N 40, 77 E 13. No time. Data:

Jade Goody
Jade Goody, an unknown Big Brother contestant in 2002 who appeared again on celebrity Big Brother in 2007, where she caused an international row about her treatment of another celebrity housemate, signed up as a (well-paid) contestant on Bigg Boss (India's Big Brother). Goody wanted to clear her name of racism and the money would be handy. Ironically, Shilpa Shetty, the winner of Celebrity Big Brother and the target of Goody's bullying, hosted the Indian programme in August 2008 with twists and turns as Pluto revisited it's position at the time of the 2007 media storm. As it happens Goody and Shetty are both Geminis with birthdays only a few days apart. They also share Venus in early Cancer. I've lost interest in Big Brother UK but I was dead curious to hear what happened in India when these two re-joined the airwaves - India's Uranus is conjunct Venus in both their charts. We were prepared for the unexpected but I feel sorry for Jade who got the results of earlier tests during her first, and only, day on the show - she has cancer of the womb and flew home for treatment. Transiting Mars exactly conjoined her Jupiter at 0 Libra 34 and squared her Venus at 0 Cancer, during her one day on the show. Goody's natal Moon is in late Cancer trine Uranus 27+ Scorpio and her life has been played out on Big Brother TV. We wish her good luck - her first Saturn return doesn't even begin until next year.

Jade Goody: 5 June 1981, London, 51 N 30, 00 W 10. No time. Data: Her website (not currently functioning).

The Google that Ate the World? As transiting Saturn trine Jupiter tightens up, tr Saturn is also closing in on Google's Sun. Now one of the world's most powerful companies, Google's Moon Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is well played in a good environmental record, philanthropic activity and excellent employee relationships (also Venus-0-N Node in early Virgo). All good. However there are concerns about it's lack of transparency (Moon / Jupiter again?) in countries where access is banned for certain subjects and it's 'Big Brother' (not the TV show葉hink George Orwell) capacity as it goes mobile, tracking your every move. These concerns have exploded as transiting Pluto 28+ Sag trines natal Mercury at 28+ Leo. The headlines hit as transiting Mars reached 28+ Virgo (17 August 2008). This concern will continue, Google's tentacles reach everywhere in the known universe. Google: 7 September 1998, 0.00 PDT, Menlo Park, CA 37 N 27, 122 W 11. Asc 19 Gemini. Data: Wikipedia.

Haggle! With the credit crunch affecting us all there's no stigma attached to trying to get a bargain. Whether it's at the jewellers, the market, an auto dealership, a cafe or a high street shop vendors are prepared to make a deal. Gemini's are probably best at this wheeze, shifting the goalposts in a heartbeat but Saturn in Virgo is helping to entrench this shift. We're all looking for value for money and the trine between exacting Saturn and free-spending Jupiter reigned in with Capricorn nous seems to be paving a clear path to the lowest price. There are a couple of rules: Bring cash - cash is king. Dress down and leave the bling at home, it's hard to negotiate if you look like you can afford more. And finally, know the real worth of your purchase, trying to undercut seriously cheap goods is pointless. Long term, this is one benefit of the crunch - maybe the only one.

the invisibility cloak in action
Invisibility!!! There you go - it's, er, gone. Forget Harry Potter, this is the real deal as researchers Professor Xiang Zhang, graduate student Jason Valentine and others at University of California Berkeley, along with similar work done at Imperial College London, have nano-engineered a 3D fishnet material that can control the direction of light. This development created a technique that can produce a cloak of invisibility! Another amazing dimension opens葉ho you might not notice. The announcement came between the August eclipses, interesting a Solar Eclipse in Leo - out goes the light! Research has been ongoing since the Saturn Neptune opposition a couple of years ago, an ideal place to start. Needless to say, the US Army Research Office and the US Air Force supported the project. Given the enormous expansion of our known universe and beyond, the overlap between fact and fiction is greater than ever.