André Barbault's Planetary Cycles Mundane Astrology

His mundane astrology methods in a book in English for the first time

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A new book from the Astrological Association

Publication date: 4th May 2016

172 pages, 9x6 inch, perfect bound, £12.00


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Drawing on his 80 years research and writing; André Barbault considers the historical records of socio-economic change going back to the pre-Christian era, and then focuses in great detail on the last two to three hundred years; to show how history connects and develops in accordance with the cycles of the outer-planets, triggered by the faster-moving ones. He then goes to make some interesting observations for the future.

"All of us who explore the correlations between planetary cycles and the movements of history owe a debt to André Barbault, one of the most important pioneers of mundane astrology in the twentieth century. Through decade after decade of vigorous research, Barbault recognized and displayed what an invaluable tool astrology represented for understanding history's unfolding patterns. English-speaking astrologers will be grateful to have at last an opportunity to survey the range and quality of Barbault's insightful observations."
~ Richard Tarnas, Author of Cosmos and Psyche

"André Barbault helped revolutionise the study of mundane astrology after the Second World War. Following in the footsteps of Johannes Kepler, his work was based on the idea that time is an organising principle, so that terrestrial cycles must in principle be linked to celestial ones, as evident in planetary periods. For the first time Barbault's work is now available in English and is essential reading for all who wish to understand the theory and practice of mundane astrology."
~ Dr. Nicholas Campion, Author of A History of Western Astrology

"Planetary Cycles - Mundane Astrology is both a challenge to astrology's critics, as well as a benchmark of the standard to which mundane astrology should be practised. It brings closer the time when the value of using astro-cycles is respected, as a companion to deepen understanding and clarify judgement, at moments of important decision-making."
~ Roy Gillett - Editor, English edition