Tonight we can observe the first of 2 supermoons in 2021, the first being on April 27th and the second on May 26th.

Today we use the term supermoon to denote a full moon at its closest to earth, but astronomically the term perigee-syzygy relates to both full and new moons occurring close to perigee  (the closest point to Earth in its orbit).

The astrologer Robert Nolle first coined the term Supermoon in 1979, and you can see his table of Supermoons here:   

NASA explain why the April Supermoon is a Pink Moon here, along with other interesting information:

And still on a lunar topic, did you know that scientists have proposed a ‘lunar ark’ or offworld storage facility for sperm, eggs and seeds of millions of Earth’s species, to be stored on the Moon?

See their presentation here:

Photo by Frank Cone

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