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Conference 2022

President’s Welcome

We open the 2022 Conference on the day of the Autumn Equinox – this key moment of balance for the year being 02:03 BST on Friday 23 September.  The Libra New Moon is soon after Conference closes – 22:56 BST on the Sunday evening.  Before entering Libra, the Sun will have conjuncted Mercury, which has just retrograded into Virgo. Both are about to receive the Moon as the conference ends and, a few days after, dutiful Venus, which is opposing the rising planet Neptune at 09:51 BST on the 24th during the first sessions of the Conference Saturday morning. At 6:10 BST on the Sunday the Moon opposes Neptune.

Could this be why the theme of this year’s conference is ‘WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE’?

My eminent predecessor as President of the Association, Charles Harvey, often opened Conference by urging us to welcome difficult transits and marshal all our understanding to use them to strengthen our mastery of the future.  Amidst all 2022’s confusion, counter-messaging, destabilising surprises and lack of clear vision, what could be more appropriate?

So, this Conference gathers talented new speakers together with some of the community’s most highly regarded astrologers, who have many decades of experience.  Check their biographies and web pages. The last days of the old Virgo Moon are ideally suited to sit back, take notes, absorb, learn and strengthen your understanding. This way, build the strength to adjust wisely, as the Libran Moon month progresses awkwardly with Jupiter in Aries into an unavoidably difficult autumn.

Use this wonderfully challenging set of transits to master the uncertainties of 2022. Use your booking to the full.  Join as many sessions as possible live through 23 to 25 September. Then, for thirty days after, catch up with those you missed.  Be fully armed, and so ever clearer about where to go from here.

Bear in mind that 2022 is just the beginning of a long period of confusing adjustment. As Pluto makes its first hesitant movement in and out of the first degrees of Aquarius in 2023, the world faces even more radical change,

Later that year, the Association is planning a hybrid (in-person in the UK and also online) Conference. May that be a time for astrologers from all over the world to come together for a mutual sharing of wisdom, make a start on cutting through the confusion of our times. Maybe begin to see a glimmer of a very different future.

Roy Gillett – President September 2022

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