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President’s Welcome

2023 Astrological Association Conference

With great good fortune, we come together to share and support each other’s understandings, having experienced and now feeling we are about to face even more difficult future adjustments.

Although Pluto’s early August T-square to the Nodal Axis is past, three of the four-planet stellium in Libra apply to square Pluto: Moon at 8 am on Conference Sunday, Sun and Mercury on 20/21st October. Fortunately, Mars is still within orb an emotionally transforming trine to Saturn, which hovers in retrograde on the cusp of Pisces. Venus is now separating from its opposition to that Saturn.  Coming to Conference this year will be especially worthwhile.

With Pluto edging its way in, out, in, out and into of Aquarius, 2023-24 are proving to be difficult transitional years.  Both in the world and our personal lives, we struggle with uncertainties that are too soon to be clear about, let alone resolve.  This leads us to over-worry about matters that may well turn out to be minor. They may even be irrelevant to what will really confront us through the present decade and beyond.

Thank goodness we have good friends to meet and share astrological insights with! The stellium across the Opening’s Descendant, applies to the focussed intensity of Mars in early Scorpio. So, the Moon, Mercury and Sun, moving on from their Pluto-squares to permissive Saturn-in-Pisces trines, will enable healing adjustment.

This is not a time to implement decisions. The North Node in Aries retreats to conjunct Chiron early next year. Jupiter is unaspected and in retrograde until the 31 December 2023. So, it will not conjunct Uranus until mid-April 2024 and trine Pluto early June that year.   Use this conference to contact ideas and make friends. Develop from here to share understanding and prepare possibilities through the remaining autumn and winter months. Be ready for the 2024 Spring.

As you travel home on Sunday, the Capricorn Midheaven will be applying to make a grand trine to Jupiter in Taurus and Venus in Virgo. ‘Light Emerging from the Shadows.’ Realistic ambitions clarified for the years to come!

Looking forward to being with you.

One love
Roy Gillett – President

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