About the Astrological Association

For over sixty years, The Astrological Association has been serving astrology by informing and bringing together astrologers from all over the world.

Whatever your area of interest or level of expertise, from beginner to professional, we’re sure you’ll find our website an invaluable resource.

On this website you’ll find news, views and features from some of the leading lights in the astrological world. You will find extracts from the Association’s publications: the Astrological Journal and Correlation with details of how to subscribe to these along with the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter.

If you’re a member of the AA you can access our unique digital archive of Astrological Association publications, dating from 1958 to the present. Not a member? Not to worry, you can join online and take full advantage of everything the AA has to offer.

The AA maintains friendly links with all other astrological organisations and has a distinctive contribution to make. No matter what your level of experience, whether student or teacher, amateur or professional, or whether your approach to astrology is traditional or modern, scientific or spiritual, the AA has a place for you. Join today to support the organisation that supports astrology!

The AA represents the interests of astrologers and from time to time responds to issues raised within the media and other arenas.

Members of the AA Board are nominated by and voted for by the members. Their role is to deal with day-to-day administration and to help promote the Association’s objectives. Meet your Board representatives.

The Association has members in the UK and around the world. It works to promote astrology in all its branches, and relies on its membership to support this work. Whether a student or professional, we encourage you to join the AA and support the organisation that supports astrology.

Engage with the AA

The Astrological Association encourages and fosters astrology in all its forms, and welcomes everyone, everywhere, who is interested in astrology. Whether a member or not, feel free to engage with us – on social media, by subscribing to our free newsletter, coming to our Conferences, or buying our publications.

The Association has a lively Facebook group, open to members and non-members, which are you welcome to join and post on.

Sign up to our regular free In the Loop newsletter, available to members and non-members.

If you’re involved with a local astrology group, let us know – we hold regular Zoom meetings for local group co-ordinators, and can help promote your group, all free of charge. See our Local Groups page for further details. As well as maintaining links with local groups and offering support, the AA provides scholarships, advice and information, and keeps in close contact with astrological organisations and conferences through the world.

Our Website

Our website is an astrology resource to help both members and non-members. You can find information about our upcoming Conferences, find out about events taking place, see details about local astrology groups, access our historic chart database, calculate a chart, get links to astrological resources, and browse our online shop.

Our Publications

The Astrological Association’s principal publication is the Astrological Journal, published six times a year, and respected around the world as a forum for high quality debate and discussion. AA members receive the Astrological Journal as part of their membership, and membership options offer both a digital-only subscription, or one that includes both digital and printed copies. Members have full access to the entire digital archive of issues of the  Astrological Journal dating back to 1958. Non-members can purchase individual copies in our online shop.

In addition, the AA publishes Correlation, an academic bi-annual journal on astrological research, edited by Robert Currey, and the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter, the only journal in the world devoted to medical astrology. You can subscribe to either of these publications separately (whether or not you are an AA member).  Subscription options offer both a digital-only subscription, or one that includes both digital and printed copies, and gives access to the full digital archive of the publication. Non-subscribers can purchase individual digital copies in our online shop.

See our publications page for further details.

Our Conferences & Events

The highlight of the astrological year is the annual Conference. Bringing together experts from astrology’s many branches, it is a special opportunity for all astrologers, from beginners to professionals, to share their work and extend their expertise; 2018 saw the Association’s celebration of both its 60th anniversary and 50th Conference. Over the years, our Conference has been graced by the most brilliant and creative astrological minds and has provided an opportunity for members around the globe to attend, make new friends and develop new ideas. In addition, the AA organises occasional seminars and Event Days on all aspects of astrology.

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