André Barbault 1 October 1921 – 7 October 2019

A special tribute to a colossus of astrology Born: 1 October 1921 in Champignelles, France (3E04 47N47), 5 pm CET. Died: 7 October 2019

We remember an acknowledged master of mundane astrology who left school at 14 and was self-taught. Among many, many other accomplishments he expanded the astrological concept of planetary cycles to include Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. For instance, he associated the Saturn-Neptune cycle with socialism and the Russian revolution, forecasting the end of the Soviet Union years before the event in 1991. Roy Gillett introduces this tribute…

Introduction Roy Gillett, President of the Astrological Association

With the passing of André in the evening of 7 October 2019, only hours after the passing of his wife Jacqueline in the morning, our community and the world at large has lost a renowned master astrologer.

From his correspondence with Charles Carter in the early 1950s, through his support for the seminal book Mundane Astrology (by Michael Baigent, Nicholas Campion and Charles Harvey), to our meetings in the early 21st century, resulting in the translation of two key books into English (see below), André made a vital contribution to astrology in the English-speaking world. The tributes and extract that follow show this clearly.

There was an original range to his personality. At heart he was a charming French gentleman, essentially private with a conservative routine. Yet his sparkling mischievous eyes announced a boundless youthful enthusiasm for astrology, and a determination, right through to his late years, to do all he could to have it understood and used.

André’s example is a clarion call to astrologers to realise the incredible ability of our art/science to inform our understanding in order to make better decisions. Then, like André, we will experience the clear light of childlike enthusiasm that we have “got it right”. To see what I mean, read the pieces that follow and do watch the video ‘André Barbault in Conversation with Lynn Bell (English sub-titles)’ on YouTube (just type the video title in YouTube’s search box to find).

Also, for details of Barbault’s two books in English, Planetary Cycles and The Value of Astrology, go to:

For the full tribute to André Barbault, please see the Jan/Feb 2020  Astrological Journal, page 24, where you will also find personal appreciations  from Nick Campion, Lynn Bell and Fabrice Pascaud.

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