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Incorporating the Philip Graves Library with the Astrological Association Library and Archive

The Astrological Association Archive

The Astrological Association Archive was catalogued by our long-serving librarian Trudie Charles. It is a major source of difficult-to-find astrological books and journals.

The AA Archive holds different types of printed materials from the main Astrological Association library. They are in the following three categories:

  • Books in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Japanese
  • Runs of back-issues of astrological periodicals (magazines and journals) in all languages – except for those published by the AA
  • Data reference books such as printed ephemerides, tables of houses, and Gauquelin birth data files.
The periodicals in the AA Archive include major holdings (40 or more issues per title) of the following English-language astrological publications, as well as smaller numbers of many others:
  • AFA Bulletin (American Federation of Astrologers)
  • American Astrology Magazine
  • The Aquarian Agent (Henry Weingarten)
  • Aspect (Astrological Society of South Africa)
  • Aspects (Aquarius Workshops)
  • Astrologers’ Forum (Dymock Brose)
  • The Astrological Journal
  • The Astrological Bulletin (Katina Theodossiou)
  • The Astrological Magazine (B. V. Raman and successor)
  • The Astrological Review (Astrologers’ Guild of America)
  • The British Journal of Astrology (E. H. Bailey)
  • Considerations
  • Correlation
  • Cycles (Foundation for the Study of Cycles)
  • The FAA Journal (Federation of Australian Astrologers)
  • Journal of the Seasons (Astrological Society of New Zealand)
  • Kosmos (ISAR)
  • Mercury (British Astrological and Psychic Society)
  • The Mercury Hour (Edith Custer)
  • The Mutable Dilemma (Zip Dobyns)
  • NCGR Member Letter (National Council of Geocosmic Research)
  • Modern Astrology (Alan & Bessie Leo)
  • Prediction
  • Spica: a Review of Sidereal Astrology
  • Today’s Astrologer (American Federation of Astrologers)
  • Whitman’s New World Astrology
Also included are major holdings (40 or more issues) of the following foreign-language periodicals, as well as smaller quantities of various others:
  • Astralis (French)
  • Astrologie Heute (German)
  • Astrologische Monatshefte (German)
  • Astrologisk Forum (Norwegian)
  • L’Astrologue (French)
  • Astro-Vizier (Dutch)
  • Les Cahiers Astrologiques (French)
  • Hamburger Hefte (German)
  • Kosmischer Beobachter (German)
  • Kosmobiologie (German)
  • Linguaggio Astrale (Italian)
  • Maison III (French)
  • Meridian (German)
  • Ricerca 90 (Italian)
  • Sein und Werden (German)
  • Sestile (Italian)
  • Sterne und Mensch (German)
  • Stjernerne Horoskopbladet (Danish)
  • Symbolon (Dutch)
  • Zenit (German)

Further housed at the same premises as the AA Archive is Philip’s own extensive collection, which includes a wide range of modern astrological books and periodicals in English, French and German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Akkadian, Ancient Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian as well as historical studies and critical editions and translations of ancient, medieval and Renaissance astrological texts.

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