Astrology & Medicine Newsletter

The Journal that Promotes the Teaching and Study of Medical Astrology

Astrology and Medicine Newsletter

The Astrology & Medicine Newsletter is the AA’s journal promoting the teaching and study of medical astrology, and is published three times a year.

It was started in 1986 by Jane Ridder Patrick who after a few years handed the baton over to Gary Warren Price, who in turn handed it over to Wanda Sellar who has been its editor since 1996. She is a former president of the Astrological Lodge of London and has written four books on astrology, one on medical astrology. The Astrology and Medicine Newsletter serves as a platform for those with an interest in medical astrology to express their views and share their experience, and to use all forms of astrology, traditional and modern. The information in the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter is diverse and is given in the spirit of information, education and study. Under the Association of Professional Astrologers’ code, however, practitioners are advised to refrain from offering any specific medical advice to a client unless the appropriate skills or qualifications have been obtained.

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