The Astrological Journal

Bi-monthly Publication from the Astrological Association

World renowned journal of the Astrological Association

The Astrological Journal is the Astrological Association’s principal publication. It was first published in 1958, and is respected around the world as a forum for high-quality debate and discussion. It is now a digital as well as a print publication and is published six times a year.

The current editor is Victor Olliver. Past editors include Carole Taylor, John Green, Gerasime Patilas, Robin Heath, Suzi Harvey, Zach Matthews, Joan Rodgers, Adrian Ross Duncan and John Addey. Charles Harvey edited a mundane issue, Nick Campion a mundane issue and a history issue, and Jane Ridder-Patrick a medical issue.

When purchasing AA membership, you can elect whether to receive a physical print copy of the Astrological Journal (in addition to the digital version), at a higher tier. Non-members, or members who have opted for access to the digital version only, can purchase individual print copies of the current edition and some recent editions in the AA Shop.

To become a member of the AA, join today or contact our office at, telephone +44 (0)20 8625 0098.

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