The Astrological Association Board

The Board of the Astrological Association represents the management team

Roy Gillett


Roy Gillett (BEd) is a full-time astrologer since 1976. Roy has studied, taught and advised clients world-wide. He was Chair of the AA from 1994 and became President in 1999. He has played a leading role in organising national and international astrology conferences since 1980. Roy published daily astro-diaries between 1978-90 and now writes the Working with the Planets mundane column in the Astrological Journal

He has written key books showing astrology’s potential to play an essential role in the 21st century. The Secret Language of Astrology is a beautifully illustrated accessible introduction to the main concepts and workings of astrology. Astrology and Compassion: the Convenient Truth answers its critics and explains astrology’s capacity to enhance today’s academic, educational, financial and political institutions. Written in 2009, Economy Ecology and Kindness outlined the astro-cycle background to the 2008 world economic collapse. Its sequel Reversing the Race to Global Destruction finds the world’s social and economic progress ten years on fundamentally flawed and uses astrology to suggest radical answers. 

His Buddhist books are: A Model of Health, Zen for Modern Living, and The Essence of Buddhism. He has studied the astrology of financial markets, supports Astrolabe and Solar Fire astro-software, has appeared widely on the broadcast media and liaises with Ofcom to remove specific negative references to astrology in the current Broadcasting Code. He also liaises with English Heritage regarding Stonehenge access.

Nick Campion


Nick Campion (PhD, DMSAstrol) has been a student of the stars since 1965. A former President of the AA and the Astrological Lodge, his first love is the past, and trying to work out how we got to where we are now, a question which is usually without an answer. 

He began to study the history of astrology while he was an undergraduate, on discovering that, while astrology was once central to western thought, none of his tutors seemed to think this was interesting. Nick is programme director of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Wendy Stacey

Wendy Stacey


Wendy Stacey (BA, MA, Dip LSA) is the principal of the international Mayo School of Astrology and tutor for the London School of Astrology. She has written numerous articles for the Astrological Journal and is the author of Consulting With Astrology: A Quick Guide to Building Your Practice and Profile (2012), Uranus Square Pluto: New Perspectives on the Current Planetary Line Up in Mundane Astrology (2012), Covid-19 through the Microscopic Lens of Astrology (2020) and contributed to The New Generation (2012), The Professional Astrologer (2016), and Bitcoin (2018). 

Her book on Unaspected Planets is due for release 2020. In 2014 Wendy was the recipient of the UK’s Charles Harvey award for “Exceptional Service to Astrology”. Her website is and she can be contacted at

Amanda Willams


Amanda is a financial astrologer, advising on economics and markets to support investment decisions. Her interest in astrology began in 1991 when she was still a corporate finance professional. After  studying for the FAS diploma, she gravitated to financial astrology, running a prediction blog for 14 years before starting her astrological consulting business. She writes: “Astrologers are a disparate crowd, and in this rapidly changing world, I see the AA as the anchor for those treat astrology as a serious vocation or study. Maintaining a clear profile and identity is a challenge when the field is populated by multiple short-lived social media initiatives.”

Jadranka Ćoić

Jadranka Ćoić


Jadranka Ćoić spends time either practising astrology or growing vegetables on her allotment in accordance with Moon cycles. She is a perpetual student who started to study astrology more than fifteen years ago, and now is doing QHP Diploma. She is the Treasurer of the Astrological Association and Beginners’ Class Tutor for the Astrological Lodge of London.

Christine Chalklin

Christine Chalklin


Christine Chalkin grew up with astrology as both her mother and grandmother were enthusiastic students. Working professionally since 1995, she now combines astrology with motivational coaching and includes Bach flower essence therapy and intuitive tarot card readings when appropriate. 

Christine has been a board member for ten years and her roles include local group representative and event day coordinator. She teaches astrology privately and runs workshops, and is also a tutor for the Mayo School of Astrology. Christine lives in West Yorkshire where she enjoys painting and wonderful walks in the beautiful countryside.

Kristina Hristova


Kristina Hristova is a certified astrologer from the Mayo School of Astrology and a Reiki master (Shinpiden). She is an Assistant Editor for the Astrology & Medicine newsletter, a Trustee on the Board of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, and a regular lecturer at the Astrological Lodge of London. 

Kristina is also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster (UoW), where she obtained BA Journalism and LLM Entertainment Law degrees, as well as Associate Fellowship (AFHEA).

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell


Chris Mitchell (PhD) has an MA from Bath Spa University College in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and a PhD from the University of Leicester examining medieval astrology in the twelfth century. He has spoken on medieval astrology at the Astrological Association annual Conference, at the United Astrology Conference in Denver, and to numerous local astrology groups, and holds a diploma in Medieval Astrology from Astrologos.

Rod Chang


Rod writes: “Since childhood I have been interested in astrology and hand-drew my first natal chart at age 14. I studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, where I found the psychological and humanistic approach to astrology highly enjoyable. I am particularly interested in fixed stars, mundane astrology, financial astrology and astromap. The AA has given longstanding support to astrologers. It assisted my astrological journey so now it is my turn to give back. During the last conference, I heard that many young attendees had only just earned about it. Marketing and social media outreach are challenges for our Association.”

Alison kelly

Alison Kelly


Alison Kelly started her astrological studies with the FAS in 1993 and has been an active member of the Astrological Lodge of London since 1999. For many years she served on their committee in various capacities. She is a keen amateur astrologer and a regular attendee at the Lodge on Monday evenings.

Mary English

Mary is a self-taught astrologer. She writes: “My work with clients is to help address various life challenges and enhance their well-being. I’m also a homeopath and hypnotherapist, and I’ve authored 17 astrology books and one on homeopathy. I host the ‘Learn Astrology with Mary’ podcast which perfectly suits my natal Moon in talkative Gemini. The AA must serve our members and the astrological community. The main challenge we face is inspiring people to join us and to consider astrology as a serious discipline capable of changing lives for the better.”

Alejo López


Alejo is immersed in spiritual and psychological approaches to astrology. He writes: “I think astrology can help us understand who we are, who we were and who we might come to be. Drawing from my background as a Jungian therapist, I posit that this symbolic language facilitates a profound dialogue with concealed, unconscious, or inconceivable facets of ourselves. The AA is undergoing transformative energies as its progressed Sun illuminates its 8th house. Simultaneously…the progressed Moon in the 1st house hints at a theme of community building. This aligns with AA Aquarian values which makes the AA a diverse, familial space.”