The Astrologer's Diary

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JUNE 2017

Friday 2nd

Greek Island Summer School: Predictive Astrology Suitable for intermediate students - improve your knowledge and practice of astrology in an idyllic Greek island setting. Go to or email

Wednesday 7th

As we head towards Pluto in Aquarius A talk by Roy Gillett. As Saturn and then Jupiter join Pluto in Capricorn the world faces a major confrontation with reality. Roy's talk will show we are at a key point in the broad sweep of history. Dark messages of fanaticism, greed and selfishness from all over the world threaten the planet and our lives upon it. Astrology can reveal the cause and an imminent turning point. It can guide us to use these years realistically and to transform away from disaster in the Aquarian years that follow. 7.30pm for 7.45pm start, finish 9.15pm. Venue: Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove More information: Brighton Astrology Centre

Friday 9th

FULL MOON 13:10 GMT 18°53 Sagittarius

Wednesday 14th

Venus: the Dual-Aspect Goddess - Morning and Evening Star with Anna Estaroth. Many people focus on the nicer, socially-acceptable aspects of Venus, but she is decidedly bipolar, having both peace-loving and war-mongering reputations. This talk explores multiple faces of Venus through her varied roles across cultures and in the ancient world. 7:30pm at The Mary Duffy room on the first floor at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh. EH12 5AP Entry Fee: £3.00 members, £4.50 non-members

Saturday 17th

Casting Rays: Mysticism and Astrological Aspects A one-day workshop with Wade Caves. To understand the nature of aspects, the classical astrologer would first need to understand phase, combustion, the nature of planetary virtue, and the mechanism by which planets interact. This workshop seeks to re-introduce the "why" and "how" of aspectual connections between planets to sharpen even the most experienced astrologer's symbolic toolkit.
Venue (refreshments provided): The Sanctuary, The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AP. Price: £35 AA members, £40 non-AA members (includes £5 daily membership) Early bird price: £5 discount for those who book before 15th May 2017
A Scottish Astrological Association event, held in conjunction with the Astrological Association Book your place here:

Sunday 18th

Field Trip to Quenington Fresh Air Sculpture Show Tune into Venus in Taurus with a walk, a picnic, a sculpture show and astrological conversation. For this year's Midsummer outing we will be visiting the Cotswold village of Quenington with its ancient church and the excellent biennial Fresh Air sculpture exhibition in the grounds of Quenington Rectory. It's a lovely spot, with extensive grounds on the banks of the Coln, and amazing creations from top sculptors. We will have the charts of some sculptors to look at and also consider own own responses to the artwork. Does the position of Venus in our own charts tell us about this? Bring your birthchart (unless you know it by heart). Start 11am, at the car park on Quenington village green. More information:

Wednesday 21st


Sun enters Cancer 04:24 GMT

Childrens' Charts A talk by Sue Merlyn Farebrother. Is there a difference in the way an astrologer approaches interpreting a child's chart, and the astrologer's approach to an adult chart? After all, a person's chart reveals personality traits and potential abilities whether the person is under 16 or is an adult. Sue will discuss children's charts with some examples. 7.30pm for 7.45pm start, finish 9.15pm. Venue: Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove More information: Brighton Astrology Centre

Friday 23rd

23rd-2th: Iberian Astrology Conference Madrid, Spain. Information:

Saturday 24th

NEW MOON 02:41 GMT 02°47 Cancer

Thursday 29th

An evening with Melanie Reinhart We take a look at the main planetary patterns which are prominent now and forthcoming. Their timing, symbolism and astrological meaning will be explored, as reflected in current events. This is the inaugural meeting of the Jupiter Astrology Group, hosted by the Faculty of Astrological Studies at The Art Workers' Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT. Open to all. 7-9.30pm. £15/£12 on the door.

JULY 2017

Saturday 1st

1st - 2nd The Talking Sky: Myths and Meaning in the Celestial Spheres The annual Sophia Centre Conference. Venue: Bath. Attend the Conference in person or watch it online. Details and booking:

Wednesday 5th

How to get really good at chart interpretation A talk by Tim Burness. For anyone relatively new to astrology, the basics of natal chart interpretation can seem very complicated. And that's without the seemingly endless advanced techniques! Drawing on thirty years of extensive experience with thousands of people's charts, Tim will be clarifying the essentials and looking at what works and what doesn't. With practice one can uncover the essence of any astrological chart 'quickly and precisely. All welcome, although this talk is mainly recommended for beginners and those with some experience of the basics. 7.30pm for 7.45pm start, finish 9.15pm. Venue: Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove More information: Brighton Astrology Centre

Thursday 6th

Basic Principles of Medieval Astrology As modern astrologers, we're used to drawing up charts in seconds on a computer, and using numerous techniques, outer planet transits and a psychological language to work with our clients. Ours is a rich and subtle art. How, then, did medieval astrologers manage with just seven planets and five aspects? Was theirs simply a limited cut-down version of what we have available to us in modern astrology? In this talk, Chris Mitchell will demonstrate some of the richness of medieval astrology. Despite the lack of outer planets and modern techniques, medieval astrologers had a surprisingly large toolkit of methods lost to modern astrology: dignity, almutens, Arabic Parts, lunations and profections, to name but a few. The recent resurgence of modern translations of ancient texts mean these fascinating methods have been rediscovered, so find out how you can use them today to enrich your own astrological readings. Location: Cheltenham. More information:

Sunday 9th

FULL MOON 04:07 GMT 17°09 Capricorn

Wednesday 19th

The August Solar Eclipse and the Royal Star Regulus An Illustrated Presentation by Pam Carruthers. Solar Eclipses mark endings and beginnings. The Moon's nodes change sign this year and begin their 18 month journey through Leo and Aquarius. The total Solar Eclipse on 21st August is the first eclipse in this new cycle. It occurs at 28 degrees Leo on the Royal star Regulus, which happens to be on the ascendant of President Trump. The August 2017 eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the USA's Pacific and Atlantic coasts since 1918. Also, its path of totality makes landfall exclusively within the United States, making it the first such eclipse since the country's independence in 1776. (Wikipedia) 7.30pm for 7.45pm start, finish 9.15pm. Venue: Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove More information: Brighton Astrology Centre

Saturday 22nd

Sun enters Leo 15:15 GMT

Sunday 23rd

NEW MOON 09:46 GMT 00°44 Leo

Saturday 29th

Lilly Day Every year astrologers meet for an afternoon in Walton-on-Thames to celebrate the life and work of William Lilly. Join us from noon onwards in The Swan, Manor Road, where you can obtain a fine pub lunch (available up to 3:00pm) and enjoy views of the Thames from the garden. Our formal discussions take place in St. Mary's Parish Church Hall, a short walk up Manor Road. We meet from 3:15pm to 6:00pm including a break for tea.
This year we are pleased to welcome Kim Farnell MA who will talk on Simon Forman's Astrology William Lilly described sixteenth century astrologer Simon Forman as "a person of indefatigable pains" who would sometimes write as much as half a sheet of paper to answer a single horary question, and was a master astrologer. Forman does not appear as a source in Christian Astrology as his manuscripts were never published. However, it is clear that Lilly was familiar with his work and he lists other sources that relied heavily on Forman's work.


Friday 4th

Jupiter square Pluto at 17°30 Libra / Capricorn

Monday 7th

FULL MOON 18:11 GMT 16°25 Aquarius

Friday 18th

18th - 25th FAS Summer School Venue: Exeter College, University of Oxford. Information:

Monday 21st

NEW MOON 18:30 GMT 28°53 Leo

Tuesday 22nd

Sun enters Virgo 22:20 GMT

Sunday 27th

Jupiter sextile Saturn at 21°11 Libra / Sagittarius


Wednesday 6th

FULL MOON 06:07 GMT 13°53 Pisces

Friday 8th - 10:

49th Annual Astrological Association Conference
Full details here

Wednesday 20th

NEW MOON 05:30 GMT 27°27 Virgo

Friday 22nd

Sun enters Libra 20:00 GMT


Thursday 28th

Jupiter opposite Uranus at 27°22 Libra / Aries

Pluto turns direct at 16°51 Capricorn


Thursday 5th

FULL MOON 18:40 GMT 12°33 Aries

Tuesday 10th

Jupiter enters Scorpio 13:20 GMT

Thursday 19th

NEW MOON 19:12 GMT 26°35 Libra

19th - 23rd: SOTA2017 State of the Art Astrology Conference. Venue: Millennium Hotel, Cheektowaga, NY, USA.

19th - 22nd: OPA Retreat Program 2017 "The art of living and dying" Venue: Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Monday 23rd

Sun enters Scorpio 05:27 GMT