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The Carter Memorial Lecture - A Great Astrological Tradition

Charles Carter was a great pioneer of a wide range of astrological developments, including modern psychological and mundane approaches. Born 31 January 1887 – Died 14 October 1968.

The first Astrological Association Conference was a one day event on 20 September 1969. The second Astrological Association Conference was a two day event at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge on 18 to 20 September 1970. The first Carter Memorial Lecture was given by Ronald C Davidson at the Astrological Lodge on 5 October 1970. It was entitled “Astrology and Man”.

The third Astrological Association Conference was a two day event at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge on 10 to 12 September 1971 – The Carter Memorial Lecture “Astrology Reborn” was given by John Addey, “after dinner” on 10 September 1971. This started the tradition of the Lecture being giving at both the Lodge and AA Conference and the selection being by one or other organisation on alternate years.

Carter Memorial Speakers

Below is a list of the speakers and subjects, for which we have records. There are just a few gaps that we would love you to fill.

2020 – Bill Meridian
The Power of Eclipses

2019 – Sue Farebrother
Cosmic Jokerman

2018 – Lynn Bell
Into the Labyrinth of Stars

2017 – Ana Isabel
Astrology, Light, Life and Meaning

2016 – Christeen Skinner
The Elegant Universe

2015 – Claire Chandler
When an Astrologer Speaks…

2014 – Frank Clifford
The Power Degrees of the Zodiac

2013 – Richard Tarnas
The Role of Astrology in a Civilisation in Crisis

2012 – Kim Farnell
Sticky Black Plastic

2011 – Wendy Stacey
Like That of Leaves Is a Generation of Men

2010 – Deborah Houlding
Conversing With Heaven

2009 – John Frawley
The Western Tradition in Astrology: What it is, what it is not, why this matters

2008 – Cameos by previous presenters
Celebration of the Carter Memorial Lecture Tradition

2007 – Melanie Reinhart
Pluto ça change

2006 – Sue Tompkins
Macrocosm-Microcosm Picture Show

2005 – Andre Barbault
Historical Study of the Uranus-Neptune Cycle Related to Globalisation

2004 – Patrick Curry
Astrology and the Re-Enchantment of the World

2003 – Darby Costello
Heaven Obscured; Confusion in the people…

2002 – Julia Parker
The Planets: Myth and Reality

2001 – Richard Llewellyn
But the Glory of the Garden Lies in More Than Meets the Eye

2000 – Bernadette Brady
In Search of Astrological Genes

1999 – Roy Gillett
The Cleansing Power of Astrology in History, Society & Our Lives

1998 – Mavis Klein
Psychology of Consciousness: its Relation to Religion & Astrology

1997 – Lindsay Radermacher
Astrologer as Poet, Reporter and Story Teller

1996 – Olivia Barclay & Rose Elliot
The Need for the Traditional Approach

1995 – Liz Greene
Fear, Fundamentalism and the Changing Face of God

1994 – Annabella Kitson
The Uses and Abuses of History

1993 – Mike Harding
Losing our Causes

1992 – Dennis Elwell
From Symbols to Concepts: the Future of Asrology

1991 – Charles Harvey
Astrology 2001

1990 – Bernard Eccles
In Defence of “Sun Sign” Astrology

1989 – Robert Hand
The Relationship of Science and Astrology

1988 – Nick Campion
The March of Time

1987 – Edith Wangemann
Astrology and Preventative Medicine

1986 – Mike Edwards
On the Consolation of Astrology

1985 – Howard Sasportas
Friend or Foe

1984 – Derek Appleby
Semper Fidelis

1983 – David Hamblin
Astrological Reality and the Meaning of Number

1982 – Maggie Hyde
Astrology as Signature

1981 – Jeff Mayo
Astrology in the New Age

1980 – Chester Kemp
Reflections in Time (Chester became the new Lodge President)

1979 – Zach Matthews
Charles Carter

1978 – Geoffrey Cornelius
Old Lumps of Rock

1977 – Chester Kemp

1976 – (Can you fill in this gap in our records?)

1975 – Zip Dobyns
Astrology the Mirror of Life

1974 – Dennis Elwell
Astrology and the Awakened Man

1973 – Charles Harvey
Astrology and Society (Charles became the new AA President)

1972 – Klara Henderson
(Title unkown)

1971 – John Addey
The Rebirth of Astrology (the Journal Report says “Astrology Reborn”)

1970 – Ronald Davison
Astrology and Man (at the Astrological Lodge of London only.)

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