Paul Westran’s study of progressed synastry

Paul Westran’s study of progressed synastry Here’s an interesting article from the Astrology News Service where Paul Westran argues that the validity of astrology can be replicated. Paul has revisited his original study where he demonstrated that progressed Sun and Venus aspects between couples are statistically significant at the start of a relationship. For …

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Is there life on Venus?

Is there life on Venus? An article published in Nature Astronomy on Monday has led to much speculation about the presence of life on Venus, following the discovery of phosphine gas in Venus’ atmosphere. Nature in Astronomy Venus article On Earth this gas is usually produced by microbial life, and could point to an unknown …

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Astrology – fake news?

Astrology – Fake News? Should astrology be treated as fake news? Will newspapers and magazines carry horoscope columns for much longer? There’s an interesting article in the Press Gazette here, quoting Victor Olliver and Shelley von Strunckel: Press Gazette – Future of Astrology Image by LNTH from Pixabay

Interview with Nick Campion

Interview with Nick Campion By Garry Phillipson Q: I was reading about an experience you had in 1980 where you attended the opening of an antiques shop and gave a reading to a TV person without being able to calculate their chart. If I’ve got it right, what you did was to take the four outermost …

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Honouring the Paris Dead

Honouring the Paris Dead If there ever could be a way to honour and give the best possible meaning to the tragic loss of so many young lives, it would be in how we react to the Paris attacks. The most fitting, effective and beneficial memorial would be to bring all people together to resolve …

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The MP Who Stands for Astrology

The MP Who Stands for Astrology AJ editor Victor Olliver interviews David Tredinnick MP Published in the Astrological Journal January 2015. You can contact the Journal Editor at Last July, the long-standing Tory MP for Bosworth, David Tredinnick, provoked a media storm when he publicly endorsed astrology (not for the first time) and declared to …

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Winter Solstice 2012

Winter Solstice 2012 by Roy Gillett Due to the tilt of the Earth on its axis and its movement around the Sun, every year the Winter Solstice (21st or 22nd December) marks the end of the darkening of our lives and the moment that the creative glorious light of the Sun begins its return to …

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South Africa and Nelson Mandela

South Africa and Nelson Mandela By Wendy Stacey From Uranus Square Pluto: New Perspectives on the Current Planetary Line-Up in Mundane Astrology, pp 87-91. Civil unrest was widespread all over the globe during the mid-1960s. South Africa was experiencing global media coverage highlighting racial segregation by apartheid within the nation. Several political organizations and movements …

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