Is there life on Venus?

Is there life on Venus? An article published in Nature Astronomy on Monday has led to much speculation about the presence of life on Venus, following the discovery of phosphine gas in Venus’ atmosphere. Nature in Astronomy Venus article On Earth this gas is usually produced by microbial life, and could point to an unknown …

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Astrology – fake news?

Astrology – Fake News? Should astrology be treated as fake news? Will newspapers and magazines carry horoscope columns for much longer? There’s an interesting article in the Press Gazette here, quoting Victor Olliver and Shelley von Strunckel: Press Gazette – Future of Astrology Image by LNTH from Pixabay

New Event – A Day on Harmonics

A Day on Harmonics Celebrating the Urania Trust’s 50th Birthday and the life and works of Charles Harvey An introduction from Urania Trust Chair Jonathan Powell and the Astrological Association’s President Roy Gillett Saturday 14th November 202009.30 – 18.00 Speakers include:Dr Chrystal Addey, Tim Addey, Dr Nick Campion, David Cochrane, David Hamblin, Mike Harding, Babs Kirby, …

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