Thank you, Val Dobson!

Val has spent many years working behind the scenes for the Astrological Association, helping to set up and maintain our website and keeping the events calendar up to date. She has decided it’s finally time to stand down and has handed over the website and diary to new pairs of hands. A very big thank […]

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Paul Westran’s study of progressed synastry

Paul Westran’s study of progressed synastry Here’s an interesting article from the Astrology News Service where Paul Westran argues that the validity of astrology can be replicated. Paul has revisited his original study where he demonstrated that progressed Sun and Venus aspects between couples are statistically significant at the start of a relationship. For

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2021 Supermoons

Tonight we can observe the first of 2 supermoons in 2021, the first being on April 27th and the second on May 26th. Today we use the term supermoon to denote a full moon at its closest to earth, but astronomically the term perigee-syzygy relates to both full and new moons occurring close to perigee

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Super Bowl prediction

Super Bowl prediction Here’s an astrological feature from CBS News asking an astrologer to predict the winning Super Bowl team. In the event the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the great Tom Brady defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. But what did the astrologer predict? Watch the video here to find out: To be fair, most

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Is there life on Venus?

Is there life on Venus? An article published in Nature Astronomy on Monday has led to much speculation about the presence of life on Venus, following the discovery of phosphine gas in Venus’ atmosphere. Nature in Astronomy Venus article On Earth this gas is usually produced by microbial life, and could point to an unknown

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Astrology – fake news?

Astrology – Fake News? Should astrology be treated as fake news? Will newspapers and magazines carry horoscope columns for much longer? There’s an interesting article in the Press Gazette here, quoting Victor Olliver and Shelley von Strunckel: Press Gazette – Future of Astrology Image by LNTH from Pixabay

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