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The Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology

Charles Harvey was the Association’s longest serving President. During the twenty-one years he held the post, until his retirement in 1994, the profile of astrology advanced considerably. Charles was a professional astrologer, a dedicated teacher, an experienced writer and a tireless volunteer worker for astrology for thirty years. He encouraged and coordinated the endeavours of young and experienced astrologers alike. His contributions to the development of specific areas of astrology, including counselling, mundane astrology, harmonics and midpoints, as well as research into astrology, were immense.

Upon his untimely passing in the year 2000, the Association decided to institute an annual award to an astrologer whose endeavours reflected Charles’ example. The award is presented for outstanding achievement and excellence in any area of astrology, whether it be high profile public work, behind-the-scenes voluntary service, innovative research or traditional scholarship.

The recipient is chosen by the participating organisations in the Advisory Panel for Astrological Education (APAE) all of whom have an equal vote. Between them, these organisations represent the entire organised astrological community in the UK.

Award Winners to date

2000: Liz Green

2001: Olivia Barclay

2002: Nick Campion

2003: Sue Tompkins

2004: Melanie Reinhart

2005: Geoffrey Cornelius

2006: Bernadette Brady

2007: Dennis Elwell

2008: Rob Hand

2009: Roy Gillett

2010: Deborah Houlding

2011: Bernard Eccles

2012: Frank Clifford

2013: Richard Llewellyn & Darby Costello

2014: Wendy Stacey

2015: Mike Harding

2016: Lynn Bell

2017: Robert Currey

2018: Jane Ridder-Patrick

2019: Angela Cornish & Christeen Skinner

2020: Richard Tarnas

2021: Alois Treindl & Chris Mitchell

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