Chris McRae 29 January 1927 - 28 December 2020

An acclaimed astrologer, lecturer and author, Chris McRae had a lively consulting practice in Edmonton, Canada, and overseas. As publisher The Wessex Astrologer records on its website: “Chris packed vast astrological experience into over 45 years as a consultant, teacher, author and international lecturer for major conferences in many different countries around the world. She developed a multi-level, semester-structured course that taught natal astrology as well as mundane astrology in many of its facets: horary, electional and relocation”. In addition to other books, she wrote Geodetic Astrology for Relocating and World Affairs, her third title. Awards included FCA Uranus Award for Innovation, AFA book award in 2002, ISAR Life-Time Achievement Award in 2014 and UAC Regulus Award in 2012. Chris served on the ISAR Board of Directors as Vice-President, Chair of the International Council, and Chair of Certification.


For the full tribute to Chris McRae, please see the Mar/Apr 2021 Astrological Journal, page 33, where you will find memories from Roy Gillett, Öner Döşer and Margaret Cahill.

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