56th Annual Conference

Conference 2024

‘Diverse Perspectives; All Themes Considered’

28 August – 1 September 2024

Conference 2024 Itinerary

Thursday 29 August

Book an extra night pre-conference for a One-Day Excursion (limited availability)
Come early for a day tour of the National Space Centre on Thursday 29th August which will include a stop off to tour the Guildhall and Cathedral with commentary on the burial and discovery of the grave of Richard lll.

Friday 30 August

MORNING WORKSHOPS - 10.00am – 12.30pm Choose between:

Celeste Brooks The Consultation Chart, a tool to streamline client meeting preparation
The time a natal chart reading begins holds the key to which issues are most pressing. The consultation chart offers a preview of the main client concerns and insights into what happened most recently and what may be happening next. This workshop will provide an overview of applying horary principles to the consultation chart and building the story. Prepare to streamline chart preparation time and deliver a more impactful astrology reading.

Tania Daniels: More stories than Sherzad: what declination and latitude can tell in astrology
The Sun’s declination defines the equinoxes and solstices and, hence, time. Declination influences the rising time of the signs and is related to speed of the planets. This information is important in medicine, architecture, weather, or financial markets. The lunar declination tells us about the lunistices which were already known by the Megalithic builders. They seem to play a major role in earthquakes. Latitude determines the planet’s strength and is important in physiognomy and elections.

Maurice Fernandez: Chiron – The Mystifying and Daunting
Since its discovery in 1977, the centaur Chiron has defied astrological norms and fascinated astrologers. An unusual object for an equally unusual mythological figure, Chiron in the chart brings both greatness and daunting challenges. In this workshop, Maurice will provide an elaborate perspective on this complex influence: What are the evolutionary intentions of Chiron’s influence? How can we get it right? The workshop will include an outline of its eccentric cycle, the core principles of Chiron, and how it applies by house and sign.

LUNCH 12.30pm – 1.30pm

AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS – 2.00pm – 4.30pm Choose between:

Rick Levine: Harmonic Aspects in Natal Chart Consultations: Theory & Practice
Although Johannes Kepler introduced the quintile and octile aspect series into astrology, he wouldn’t consider septiles because of their apparent complexity. However, since computers can easily map septiles, noviles, and eleventiles, we are no longer limited to the traditional aspects. Discover the brave new world of these non-physical aspects and their significance in natal chart interpretation. Learn why these are not “minor” aspects and how they can reveal previously hidden magic in a chart.

Mark Fountain: Working with the Untapped Potential of the Asteroids
The discovery of four asteroids, Ceres, Pallas-Athene, Juno and Vesta between 1801 and 1807 coincided with major social and cultural changes, and yet seems to be considered a relatively minor event in the history of astrology, with the archetypes they represent remaining somewhat neglected or devalued. This workshop aims to explain the relevance of these asteroids to astrological practice today and to help participants to explore their significance in their charts and lives.

Christeen Skinner: Spiritual and Financial well being As we navigate turbulent times
Using the positions of the Moon, Mercury, Vesta And Hygiea in your natal chart and the patterns they will make in transit in the next twelve months, we will look at ways to understand our habitual responses and hopefully find ways to improve our wellbeing.

Friday Evening


Dr Nicholas Campion: To Gladly Do
The stoic phrase, “I must do that which I must gladly do” sums up one of the paradoxes of astrological theory, tradition and practice down to the present day. We can choose, but our range of choices are defined or signified by patterns which are evident in the sky. Nick will open the conference by unpacking theories of choice, agency and time management in astrology, and look at how personal freedom is identified and managed, with examples ranging from the ancient Babylonian namburbi ritual to modern psychological astrology.

DINNER – 7.00PM – 8.30PM


Wade Caves: Carter Memorial Lecture: Making Heaven on Earth.
Humanity has attempted to mirror the celestial sphere onto the terrestrial in the construction of monuments, the design of ancient cities, and the organizing of geographical regions. Exactly how one might do this has been the subject of debate for millennia. Astrological chorography – the mapping of earthly regions to the planets or zodiacal signs – explores the rich history of the associations that were passed down to us, and reveals the orientation and beliefs of the cultures that originated them.

Saturday 31 August

09.00AM – 10.00AM - Choose between:

Nate Speare: Contemporary Astro-Drama: The Astrologer as Bouffon
In this experiential workshop, participants activate astrological archetypes by channeling and acting out planetary voices. It leans into the astrologer as the archetypal figure of “bouffon/buffoon,” the outcast voice that channels the celestial & chthonic realms to mock the tragic hypocrisy of the dominant culture. Prioritizing extended voice ranges, Speare’s paradigm of Astro-Drama draws inspiration from extended range singing, psychomagic and archetypal psychology.

Jan Seward: Free to be: You and Me; Dolly Parton, Barbie, Talor Swift, and Beyonce: The power and freedom of Pluto in Aquarius
Breaking with stereotypes is one of the possibilities of Pluto’s move into Aquarius. The presentation will look at the recent models of female empowerment through the lens of their cultural movements, media images, and natal and progressed charts.

Dr Keith Bound: Gravitational and Electromagnetic Signatures of Planets and Aspects
We define gravitational and electromagnetic signatures of the planets and aspects, including how the Solar Parker Spiral creates an electromagnetic information highway between the planets when they form specific major and minor aspects based on the cycles of the Sun, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn, which also trigger solar/sunspot cycles.

STUDENT TRACK – Roy Gillett: An Introduction to Mundane Astrology
After considering motivation and fate versus free will, Roy will illustrate how outer planetary cycles explain underlying pressures that unfold over many years. He will show that shorter inner-planetary cycles focus what can happen, and how specific happenings can be triggered by lunar, angular and other fast-moving astro-events.

ONLINE TRACK – Vanessa Montgomery: How to translate astrology for a diverse audience & why it’s essential.
Studies reveal representation is crucial to empowerment so let’s take a look through a female, a queer, and a gender-neutral lens. A number of factors intersect for today’s astrological consumer. Here’s how and why to be inclusive.

10.30AM – 11.30AM - Choose between:

Darby Costello: Preparing for Pluto in Aquarius: becoming aware of the dance between your Saturn and Uranus
With Pluto in Aquarius our connection with community will be intensely challenged and our capacity to work with different ideologies will depend in part on our relationship with our natal Saturn and with natal Uranus. New disciplines and structures will be called for, and we must learn to listen.

Joli Knott: The Lunar Nodes & The Churning of the Soul
In the West, the lunar nodes are often seen as esoteric and difficult to access in terms of the natal chart. Through nodal returns, reversals, and squares, we can see how the axis of the lunar nodes plays a vital role in the churning of the Soul as a process of refinement & growth.

Anne Sundell: Retrograde and stationary planets as part of family dynamics
Planets bearing and sharing these traits might astrologically be seen as over-generational, recurrent themes in the chart. When working with the charts of family members, these might contain important patterns of development and help us easier identify the important themes of a specific family history.

STUDENT TRACK – Jadranka Coic: Mercury
Jadranka will be discussing mythological Mercury and how it relates to communication and what we can understand about Mercury from a psychological perspective. She will look at Mercury from a traditional perspective, and why you may want to consider not acting on certain things whilst Mercury is retrograde.

ONLINE TRACK – Aswin Subramanyan: Introduction to Traditional Electional Astrology
Electional astrology, practiced across diverse traditions for over two millennia, stands as one of the oldest branches of astrology. Its applications are manifold, serving an array of purposes. This presentation aims to delve into the key traditional principles essential for astrologers seeking to cast elections for diverse endeavours.

12.00PM – 1.00PM - Choose between:

Drew Levanti: Roots of the Planetary Joys
In Classical literature, the Planetary Joys are a widely attested but scantly explained scheme assigning each planet to a house of “rejoicing” (chaira). Multiple influences structure the joys, spanning mythology, observational astronomy, and relation to other schemes like the Exaltations, thus demonstrating the staggering syncretic deftness of our discipline’s forbearers.

Mandi Lockley: The Gatekeeper at the Edge
As the outer planets and latterly, the dwarf planets, were discovered and integrated into our astrology, they have come to represent unconscious processes and collective paradigm shifts. We will explore Saturn’s role as the gatekeeper that can both block and give safe access to these strange new worlds.

Rick Levine: Astrology for the Twenty-First Century: Respecting the Tradition while Creating the Future
Astrology is a product of the patriarchy, written by guys for guys! The social phenomenon of gender equanimity and fluidity is only one of several forces currently transforming astrological traditions. We’ll explore this, along with the impact of quantum physics, computers, the internet, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, multicultural diversity, and more.

STUDENT TRACK – Dr. Frances Clynes: Finding Themes in the Natal Chart
A natal chart contains a vast amount of information about the different areas of the person’s life. But how can we tell what is most important to the individual? This talk will focus on techniques we can use to identify the themes that will occur and re-occur in a person’s life.

ONLINE TRACK – Meira Epstein: Ptolemy, Kepler and Witte: Strange Bed-Fellows, or Great Minds Think Alike?
While Centuries & Worlds Apart, they Share a Similar Philosophy & Legacy, which Goes to the Core of the Celestial Dynamics in the Chart. All three demand a scientific approach and reason as the foundation. Ptolemy refers to the Natural Cycles, Kepler adheres to mathematics and geometry, and rejects many traditional doctrines, and Witte takes it into the 20th Century. We will see the continuity, the influence, and similarity of intellect that run through all three, and compare their doctrines – the commonality, as well as the differences.

LUNCH 1.00PM – 2.30PM
2.30PM – 3.30PM - Choose between:

Deborah Houlding: The Unresolved Mystery of Agatha Christie
Back in the ‘roaring 20s’ of the 1900s Agatha Christie engineered a mystery that led to the most extensive, highly publicised manhunt in British history. The Lady Vanishes … later to be found but without anyone really understanding what happened or why. What clues can we discover from astrology as to what was really going on in Agatha’s mind?

Mark Fountain: In Search of Artemis: A Walk on the Wild Side
The Greek goddess Artemis is one of many goddesses linked to the astrological Moon. Yet some of her qualities such as her love of remote, wild places, her uncompromising fierceness and her independence aren’t seen as particularly lunar in nature. This talk explores the Artemis archetype and discusses how we can incorporate it into our interpretation of the Moon.

Sirin Mitrani: How are the Eclipses occurred before our birth effecting our Destiny?
Working with Prenatal Eclipses (PNE) since 2016, Sirin has observed that they were effective in our life choices which shape our destiny. These eclipses talk to us with a special language through our shadow signs and mythological archetypes. In this talk, Sirin would like to share some exciting examples.

STUDENT TRACK – Mary English: Exploring Our Celestial Neighbourhood: Unlocking the Mysteries of Astrological Houses, Even the Empty Ones
Astrological houses are fundamental components of astrology, representing different facets of life’s journey. With 12 unique houses, each linked to specific themes like identity, relationships, and career, understanding their significance is key. When a house lacks planetary placements, it’s not devoid of meaning; it highlights areas needing attention for personal growth. Join us as we delve deeper into unlocking the secrets of these cosmic abodes!

ONLINE TRACK – Ana Andrade: Chiron in Taurus
Chiron was discovered in 1977 in the sign of Taurus. In 2026, Chiron will be in Taurus and after that, Chiron will experience its own return! With a quick view of the history of Chiron in Taurus, we will explore the challenges it will bring us during 2026-2034.

4.00PM – 5.00PM - Choose between:

Henrik Bisbo: Finding Your Element – Or Your Bliss
What makes me happy? What does it take for me to be content? Who am I actually? Your life is unique. There is no one else in the whole world completely like you, and no one else is going to live your life.

Rachel Lang: Astrology and the Future: Climate, AI and Flying Cars
Between 2023-2026, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn will change signs. These planets signify global evolutionary shifts in consciousness as we move into a time when the elements of air and fire are the predominant influences. This talk will explore possibilities for what’s ahead and how to make the most of this time.

Tania Daniels: The Babylonian Octatopos: an early house system based on equinox and syzygy
The Babylonian cosmogony knows the three paths of Anu, Enki and Enlil which were based on local latitude and used much like our Tropics today. The position of the luminaries defined two sets of cardinal points which represent an early house system.

STUDENT TRACK – Rod Chang: The hidden power of a stationary planet
At the beginning and end of each planetary retrogression, the planets stand still before changing direction. How did ancient astrologers interpret the stationary planets during those few days when the planets stand still? In this presentation we will understand the principle of planetary stagnation, and how to interpret a stationary planet in the natal chart?

ONLINE TRACK – Dr Greg Bogart: Astrology and Dreams
Joining astrology and dreamwork is a transformative spiritual practice. This experiential workshop explores how dream symbols reflect the symbolism of our natal and transiting planets, and how planetary symbolism illuminates deeper levels of meaning in our dreams. We’ll consider how planetary archetypes manifest in dream symbols and waking life.

5.30PM – 6.30PM - Choose between:

Christeen Skinner – Mundane Astrology worlds in collision
From disputed territorial waters and boundaries on Earth and in Space, it seems we are on the verge of global war. This talk considers various ingress charts, the nodal cycle and the planetary geometry that leads to the next Saturn-Uranus conjunction.

Rory Keys: Fate, Prosperity, Agency and Eminence: Deciphering Nativities in the Spirit of Vettius Valens
In Book II of Anthologies, Vettius Valens guides us through his method for delineating fortune, prosperity and fame in nativities. Using triplicity rulers, the lots of Fortune, Daimon, Exaltation and Basis, as well as derived houses to reveal the nuances of fate in nativities as described in Anthologies.

Alison Boulton – The Astrology of Twins
Sceptics often use twins to show how astrology cannot possibly be true. However, just a few minutes can have a major impact on natal charts  and life outcomes. This talk looks at the birth charts of Ashton and Michael Kutcher whose lives dramatically illustrate this point.

STUDENT TRACK – Amanda Williams: Forecasting- Should we, could we, can we?
Many astrologers throughout history did not hesitate to make forecasts. More recently, though, astrology has focussed on natal chart potential and sometimes even questioned the appropriateness of trying to predict the future at all. In this talk we will consider the ethics of whether we should look into the future, some of the techniques we could use to do so, and explore how forecasting can work in practice with some fascinating examples.

ONLINE TRACK – Dr Michael J. Morris: Queer Sexualities in Ancient Astrology
What did ancient astrologers write about delineating sexualities that we would now recognize as queer? This talk examines delineations from Teucer of Babylon, Dorotheus, Ptolemy, Valens, Firmicus Maternus, and Rhetorius for how such queer sexualities were described, and considers how these delineations might impact our understanding of technical planetary conditions.

Sunday 1 September

09.00AM – 10.00AM - Choose between:

Mandi Lockley: Talking to the Dead
Is a gift for psychic and medium-ship ability shown in the birth chart? We will investigate the charts of well-known past and present mediums, as well as looking for clues in the transits that heralded the start of the spiritualist movement in the 19th Century.

Simão Cortês/Paulo Cardoso: Pessoa and Crowley – An encounter through early 20th century Horary
In 1930, Aleister Crowley visited the Portuguese poet and astrologer Fernando Pessoa leading Crowley to fake his own death. Pessoa left us a number of Horary Questions about this visit, which may shed light both on the mysterious encounter and the practice of Horary Astrology in the early 20th century.

Nate Speare: Rewilding the Tropical Zodiac
This talk counters the misconception that the tropical zodiac is “only conceptual.” It demonstrates how the tropical zodiac contains a wealth of ecologies & astronomical logic rooted in directionality and motion. It introduces the images of ‘spindle’ and ‘rhizome’ as metaphors to root astrology anew, within the wild mythos of earth’s rotation and the cardinal directions.

STUDENT TRACK – Ann-Louise Holland aka Venus and Vesta: Aquarius, Holy Nights and The Angelic Realm In Astrology
As Steiner teaches, humanity is due to become the tenth level of angelic beings, where do we look to find how this might transpire? The astrological wheel is embedded in the Twelve Holy Nights at Christmas and connects humans to nine levels of angelic being from the Angels and Archangels, through to Seraphim and Cherabim. Each level forms part of a key stage in human development from Lemuria and Atlantis, and provides keys to accessing the Christ Codes, with meditation mantras connected to each.

ONLINE TRACK – Jessica Adams: Aboriginal Australia, the Sun and the Moon
How did First Nations people see the Sun and Moon? How do they still? Aboriginal, indigenous Australian cultural astronomy has fascinating parallels with the West that can be used in your birth chart or solar chart, today.

10.30AM – 11.30AM - Choose between:

Maurice Fernandez: The Death Chart – A Journey Continued
Astrologers are aware of the importance of the birth chart; we will explore how equally important the Death Chart is to understand the soul journey. What does the time of our death reveal about the life we have lived? The Death Chart is our new birth chart, capturing the essence of our soul journey and our future incarnation.

Mireille Crossley: Marcus MANILIUS, Poet, Astronomer, Astrologer, Slave?
The Astronomica, (1st Century AD), is a beautiful didactic poem in Latin treating, over five books, of astronomy and astrology. It is considered to be the oldest, most extensive and comprehensible, work on ancient astrology, as well as one of its kind. But who was Manilius? Let’s try and lift the veil of mystery surrounding him.

Teri Nudelman: When 36 Faces meet the 36 (Lesser) Secrets
The usage of decans in astrology is fascinating and it goes way back in history. They add an extra layer to the explanation of zodiac signs. The intriguing part is how they are applied in Tarot reading. The collaboration between Astrology and Tarot can be fascinating.

STUDENT TRACK – Israel Ajose: Meet the parents: The Sun, Moon, 4th & 10th house axis
There is a saying that in order to know where you are going you must know where you are coming from, and a large part of the story of where we are coming from is strongly influenced and connected with our biological parents. Our birth charts indicate and show us the connections, experiences and things we inherit and share with our parents, in this lecture we will be looking at matters that allow us to understand who we are and what we share in common with our parents, both likes and dislikes and things that we have inherited, and how we can make better peace with the parents of our past

ONLINE TRACK – Jupiter Lai: Enhancing Your Luck with Local Space Feng Shui
The local space map shows different planetary lines run through different directions. We will explore how to harness the power of planetary lines to select your ideal living and work locations and make Feng Shui placement along the lines in a place to bring in positive vibrations and luck. We will also discuss the remedies for mitigating negative energies.

12.00PM – 1.00PM - Choose between:

Drew Levanti: The Orphic Sun and the Elements of the Soul
In the Orphic hymns, the Sun rings like a melody from youth, deeply familiar yet strange. Predating Hellenistic astrology, the hymns contemplate the Sun through even older ideas about fate, love, and the eternal soul. This talk explores the Orphics’ capacious solar archetype and its power for practice today.

Lara van Zuydam: Introduction to Alice A. Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology
The mysteries embedded in the prolific works of early 20th century mystic Alice A. Bailey, including her “Esoteric Astrology”, have lain dormant for decades. Where interest has been piqued, it has quickly dissipated, its subject matter too impenetrable or too abstruse, or simply incompatible with mainstream astrology which, despite the occasional nod to the philosophy of antiquity, generally disapproves (or steers well clear) of the notion that humans are somehow inhabited by an immortal soul – and worse, that we astrologers might be having open discussions with our clients about it!

Celeste Brooks: Fire in the Sky
Mercury and Venus will station retrograde within a zodiac degree of each other in the sign of Aries in March 2025. This talk will discuss what themes and events may arise during this double retrograde period on a personal and mundane level.

STUDENT TRACK – Alejo López: Hard aspects and the forging of diamonds:
Embrace astrology’s ‘hard aspects’ as opportunities for growth. Learn to navigate inner conflicts and forge alliances among planetary influences. Discover how challenges can yield gifts and resilience. Join me in transforming stress into diamonds of insight and thriving amidst life’s struggles.

ONLINE TRACK – Patricia Walsh: Diving into the Waters of Self – EXPERIENCING Pluto in Aquarius
This gathering is designed to get you into the FEELING and direct experience of Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius and what this time can mean for you, your clients and the collective. Using a variety of techniques and methods, Patricia will guide you, to exchange what you think you know, for a direct encounter with the living archetypes to learn what THEY know! Set your notebooks aside and come prepared to play in the field of imagination.

LUNCH 1.00PM – 2.30PM
2.30PM – 3.30PM - Choose between:

Darby Costello: Preparing for Neptune in Aries: How well do you know your Mars warrior?
Each of us will be called on to show our strength and courage in new ways with Neptune in Aries. Let us get to know our natal Mars and be sure to know how to keep it sharp as our warrior and protector in this powerful new era.

AS Katoch: Visions of Deluge: Dürer and the 1524 Astrological Flood Prophecy
Commemorating the 500th anniversary of London’s predicted Great Flood, this talk explores Albrecht Dürer’s ‘Dream Vision.’ Created after 1524’s flood frenzy fuelled by astrological alignments, his work exemplifies the integration of dream imagery and astrological prophecy in art.

Kenan Yasin Bolukbasi: Arabic Parts in Mundane Astrology
We will learn how the arabic parts related to seeds and other commodity products inherited from Bonatti. (Watermelon, cotton, wheat, barley, meat, etc.) We will examine the yield calculations of these products with ingress charts.

STUDENT TRACK – Dr Chris Mitchell: Stellarium for astrologers
What does a Jupiter/Moon conjunction look like in the sky? How could the builders of Stonehenge in England see the Southern Cross 4,500 years ago? Knowing how to find your way around the night sky and understand the astronomy that underpins our astrology is a very useful skill – and it won’t cost you a penny!

ONLINE TRACK – Dr Will Morris: Trauma: astrological assessment and remediation
Participants explore trauma through astrological archetypes. A review of Groff and Tarnas’ work is used to understand imprints taking place during the perinatal birth Matrix and through prenatal eclipses. These are then applied to stage development as can be assessed through solar arc and solar returns.


Rachel Lang: Beyond the Milky Way: Toward an Intergalactic Astrology
Space exploration has led us beyond our solar system into distant galaxies. With Pluto in Aquarius, we can anticipate space revelations that will shape our philosophical beliefs about our place in the universe. How do we incorporate these concepts into our work as astrologers? We will discuss ways to work with black holes, quasars, and comets, but then we’ll explore other space objects. Throughout the presentation, you’re invited to envision the vast possibilities in the evolution of our field.

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