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President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Association’s 49th Annual Conference!

A key planetary picture in this year’s Conference chart describes a strong need for healing in a remarkably precise way. The Moon in Aries almost exactly trines Venus in Leo, while just as tightly quincunxing the Sun in Virgo, itself in a trine to Pluto in Capricorn that the Moon is applying to square – all this happening in 16 degrees of the signs!

With a major focus on the seventh house and a Moon/Venus trine in fire, open-hearted kindness will make it seem that everything is possible; providing we put away those Pluto-in-the-twelfth personal anxieties. It is safe to do this. The seventh house planets apply to a grand trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, suggesting the understanding we gain from Conference will strengthen our courage to push for ordered change.

Increasingly clear communication from thirty-seven Conference speakers, offering fifty-one sessions, will prepare us with the understanding we need.  The Sun’s ruler, Mercury, is picking up speed after its 5th September direct station, moving on from a trine to Uranus and applying to ingress Virgo during the Conference’s closing session.  That Mercury continues onward to conjunct Mars, suggests the post-Conference weeks will be challenging. When, in early October, it catches up with the Sun, wise, balanced decisions will be possible, if we hold our nerve.

As well as spending lots of time with old and new friends, look out for the special meetings for new comers, local groups and learning more about Advisory Panel for Astrological Education [APAE]. The book stall this year will include a good selection of pre-loved books from the AA Library overflow.

The Moon ingressing Taurus at 1724 BST on the Saturday evening will hopefully bode well for this year’s Conference Dinner and evening entertainments….and then there is next year, our 50th Conference and 60th birthday. There will be lots of information about this to take home and something very special to look forward to in 2018.

In this year of so much sadness and confusion for our country and the world, may our Moon-trine-Venus message be like Manchester’s ‘one love’!  May this healing message develop at Conference and stay with us as we go.

Roy Gillett  – September 2017

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