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President’s Welcome

We come together as the world builds to an especially difficult time. Over our time together, the year’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction, recently transited by the North Node in Capricorn, is being opposed by Mercury, Mars and the North Node in Cancer. Jupiter may be hanging back in Sagittarius right now, but it is retrograding in a challenging square to Neptune in Pisces.

When Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this coming December, we will descend into a tapestry of impossible situations which will create the need for us to accept each other’s way of doing things!

With the Moon rising in Scorpio, making a water grand trine and kite with Neptune and the Capricorn / Cancer opposition, the days leading up to Conference will have seemed like coming to Conference was escaping to sanity. We will come hoping for understanding, sympathy; some last hope to find kindness to heal the harsh ‘realities’ that everyone is enduring.

With the Moon entering Sagittarius at 10.04 BST on Saturday 15th June, building to oppose Venus late that evening, and then a full Moon on the morning of the 17th, expect a quickening of pace that may seem unbearable, even impossible at times. Knowing the astrology, we can stay firm and grounded. Make the most of networking – make notes, share addresses and order talks you may have missed. As much as any before, this year’s conference offers wonderful contributions from exceptional astrologers. If you cannot be everywhere, or talk to everyone as much as you would wish, be determined to go home with ways to catch up in the days, weeks, months, years ahead.

The fancy dress theme of this year’s Saturday dinner is ‘Transforming Dreams into Reality.’ Centre this in your mind to make maximum use of all that Conference offers. When we understand the astrology behind events and our feelings about them, however intense the environment, we can be calm, accommodating, and enjoy the free space.

Astrological understanding can help us heal our lives and our world. Through Conference 2019, may we find the wisdom and peace of mind to carry us

Roy Gillett – President

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