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President’s Welcome

Thank you so much for being with us online to support and enjoy this remarkable 2020 Annual Conference. A special welcome to many first-time delegates able to be with us, by using this virtual format.

When the Board started to create this year’s gathering, we knew it would be a difficult time for the world. The astrological background indicated unavoidable growing tension. Saturn, about to retrograde back to join Jupiter and Pluto in dominant Capricorn. Mars, so potent at the 2020 Vernal Equinox, squaring the Nodal Axis, about to enter Aries and stay there, squaring these Capricorn planets exactly, or at least the sign, until January 2021.  Mercury and the Sun in Cancer applying to oppose them in July. Then, focussing all this, the Moon in Virgo building to intensify the T-square into a Grand Cross through Conference and to precision in the days immediately after.

At such times, we are inspired by Charles Harvey ‘s observation that astrology is best used not to avoid, but to understand and master what the astro-cycles indicate. The world would face inescapable difficulties, a fundamental cleansing of the negativity that had built up through the 2010s. Yet, Aquarian change was on the horizon, beyond the dark clouds immediately before us.  With the Moon in Virgo, the sign of the natural sixth house of the perfect servant, what better theme could there be than ‘Serving the Future’?

Astrology can be wisely used as an entry door to understand, and so respect, every person and situation. The more we know, the better use we can make our circumstances. The 2020 Astrological Association Annual Conference – Serving the Future offers tools that can greatly enhance our ways of doing this.

As I write, the Board is working hard with the technology to create online as many features of our normal live event as possible. Make full use of these rich astrological offerings.  Carry on for twenty-one days after, by accessing those sessions you missed. As you move from one lecture room to another, see yourself actually bustling around hundreds of others doing the same.

Smile, with the wish that we will all be sharing together in person next year.

One love

Roy Gillett – President – June 2020

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