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Conference 2021

President’s Welcome

Thank you for being with us, in the best way you can, at this key time for the Association, astrology and the very future of the planet.

Since its foundation in 1958, the Association has sought to point to and ease the way ahead for the possibility and proper understanding of astrology. In 2020, with the world trapped in lockdown, we transformed the planned in person conference to a highly-successful multi-track online event. Now in 2021, we are leading the way back to in-person gatherings, while maintaining the advantage of distance-attendance for many astrologers not able to make the journey. May it blaze a trail for events planned in 2022. As travel restrictions ease in future years, may more and more of us meet again, and all able to be there in some way.

This sense of dealing with dark days, as we prepare the way ahead, is clearly shown in the Conference Chart. The Moon has just entered its fourth quarter. Mars ingresses Scorpio on the Conference’s Saturday afternoon. The Midheaven applies to conjunct Scorpio’s modern ruler, Pluto, and then Saturn. How suitable for this Halloween weekend, when we dissolve our fears by coming face-to-face with them!

The chart also shows positive, flexible energy to create and transform what we do in the world [Moon in Leo in the fifth house applies to trine Venus in Sagittarius in the eighth], and to work with balanced intelligence and humanitarian purpose [Mercury in Libra in the sixth house trines Jupiter in Aquarius in the eleventh]. With Aquarian-ruler, Uranus in Taurus, rising, how we focus that purpose is the key reason for our coming together this weekend.

The New Moon on the 4 November applies to a near-precise opposition to the retrograding Uranus on the first full day of COP26. The AA Conference weekend, and the days immediately after, are there to face and transform our personal worries too. To understand, identify, put in them in perspective and
so dispose of all barriers to better beginnings. 4 November is also the day of the Hindu festival of Diwali that symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”. What better place and time than the Astrological Association Conference to ready ourselves to do just that.

So, this weekend together will help us know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Enjoy this Halloween conference to the full. We dissolve all darkness by making it an object of fun.