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Remember, for those attending the residential conference – you can still watch the online speakers from the state-of-the-art media room at the conference venue. For those attending online – you can still watch the residential talks which will be streamed live.



MORNING 10.00am – 12.30pm Choose between:

Dr Bernadette Brady – House Systems – Which to Use and What do they Mean? *Online Speaker
Astrologers will generally prefer a particular house system and some astrologers tend to think that one system is correct, and others are not. Indeed, if you change your house system you can change the houses of some of your planets and the rulership of the houses. Depending on what house system is employed, this different view of your chart will reflect different themes in your life.  For example, Placidus is about time and your relationship to it, while a system like Campanus is all about space.  Bring your chart along in different house systems and explore these other dimensions in your chart.   

Darby Costello – The Progressed Moon and its Journey through the Houses
The house inhabited by the Progressed Moon profoundly colours the time that it is there.  As it goes round its second and third cycle, we can develop the capacity to navigate the energies of our life more consciously, more attentively.  During this workshop we shall explore its journey through the houses, to become aware of the nourishment it offers and the depth of its experience as it goes round – and round.

Christian König – Aim for the Stars! Fixed Star Astrology
Fixed Stars are the oldest astrological heritage. Long before there were zodiac signs, aspects and houses, the priests observed the starry sky every night. In contemporary astrology stars play a subordinate role. This workshop wants to change that: How can we link the stars with the chart? Because we are not only born with a horoscopic chart, but we are also a living part of the entire starry sky.

AFTERNOON 1.30pm – 4.00pm Choose between:

Dr Bernadette Brady – Firdaria – the Periods of your Life *Online Speaker
Firdaria are a way of measuring the health of your planets. They are one of the most effective and easiest medieval predictive systems to use. These tables, available in most astrological software, show your life divided into periods where each period is ruled by a planet and a sub-ruler. As simple as this sounds, they reveal the times when the different parts of your chart take centre stage. Understanding these times gives you a direct understanding of a particular natal planet or luminary. In this workshop we will look at the theory but also work with examples from your own charts.

John Green – Through the Looking Glass: And What We Found There
Today we will use guided imagery in this experiential session to experience the nature of our Venus more intuitively. Bring your natal chart and follow this guided meditation into the realm of your Venus to understand her desires. Please be prepared to share with the group.

Christeen Skinner – Surveying the Financial Universe 2022 – 2030
Will interest rates rise? When is the peak of the property cycle? Will there be a recession? What kind of financial lifeboat do I need? Should I know more about cryptos? Should I invest in them? With Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Sedna all changing signs between 2023 and 2026, how can we navigate the impact these ingresses might have on our financial affairs? A constructive look at the Astro-financial future.

4.15pm – 5.00pm Meeting

Speakers meeting 
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5.15pm Please all gather in the Rosewood Suite

5.30pm Conference Opening


5.45pm – 6.30pm

Dr Mark Williams – Plenary: The Astrology of Alchoholism and Addiction
This talk introduces some of the archetypal background to patterns of addiction, focusing on alcohol and looking at the history and astrology of the other AA, Alcoholics Anonymous. Addiction is often seen as Neptunian, but this talk will suggest that every planet has a mode of being addicted, because every planet can signify a pattern of suffering and disconnection.

7.00pm – 8.00pm

Wanda Sellar – The Carter Memorial Plenary – The Healing Art of Astrology
Astrology has travelled a long road from divination to psychological astrology but its healing component, with a hint of counselling, has always been an intrinsic part of our art. Clients often want advice on how to cope when divination does not contain all the longed-for joys so devoutly wished.

8.00pm – 8.10pm Announcement of the Charles Harvey Award
8.10pm Themed Buffet Dinner / Bar open until 1am


7.45am – 8.30am – Yoga with Seline with pan drum player
9.00am – 10.00am – Choose between:

Jessica Adams – The Alchemy of News Prediction *Online Speaker
Alchemy in astrology is you (the astrologer), the calendar, others involved and the question. Mixing that up makes for date-stamped and accurate news prediction, but what part are you, the astrologer playing? Jung’s interest in quantum uncertainty and the role of the observer in any experiment – like a reading – is worth debate when the world always wants to know the winner of an American presidential election – or the outcome of a pandemic.

Beatriz Alegría – Blending Crystals and Essential Oils to Harmonise Astrological Synergies
Astrology provides vast information which may be difficult to integrate. We encounter complex aspects or challenging transits that can be bewildering. This talk will explore practical ways to attune our energy to archetypal vibrations by brewing real potions for the future.

Rikki Blythe – Sidereal/Tropical
The tropical zodiac is approximately 2000 years behind the sidereal zodiac. The tropical zodiac has continued to be used in most western astrology, while in eastern astrology the sidereal zodiac has been used. Yet both work. This talk looks at how and why the sidereal and tropical zodiacs work.

Marielle Churaqui – The chart of James Hillman, soul searcher
Hillman was a prominent follower of Jung.  He loved astrology. His main project was to return soul to psychology. In this presentation, we shall examine Hillman’s chart to better understand his ideas.  We will also look at the synastry between him and Jung and transits at key points in his career.

Deborah Houlding – The Standing of Presbytery; What That’s About and Why it Matters
Most horary astrologers are vaguely familiar with William Lilly’s horary “If Presbytery shall stand?” but few are aware of the full background and intricate points of art that are detailed in this judgement, and why it was this prediction that rightly secured Lilly’s reputation as the most outstanding astrologer of his era.

10.15am – 11.15am – Choose between:

Joy Usher – Firdaria – Getting the Timing Right   *Online Speaker
Ancient potions were problem-solvers: from enchanting a lover, to eliminating an annoying rival. Planets were used to strengthen elixirs and getting the right timing was crucial. But the planets’ energies can be used to heal or empower in other ways. Firdaria is one such possibility.

Jadranka Coic – The Moon and Food
Among other things, the Moon is associated with food. This is a fun lecture, and we will be going through the zodiac, and checking what kind of food each moon sign likes.

Alexander Kolesnikov – Declination: The Forgotten Key to Astrology
Astrologer Zadkiel wrote in 1852 of the zodiacal parallel that “It is the most powerful of all aspects”. Nowadays, they are mostly forgotten, but parallels of declination can be very useful in synastry, where they help to understand the true depth and power of relationships.

Alejo López – The Astrology of Forgiveness
Forgiveness demands effort, honesty, and repentance… It can make us free, yet it challenges our sense of self-worth. Grief and anger emerge when trying to forgive others (or ourselves). In this session, we will study the nature of forgiveness from an astrological perspective.

Dr Yubraj Sharma – Astrological Rhythms of Medicinal Plants
Plants are intimately sensitive to planetary movements and rhythms of the seven sacred planets, e.g. sidereal and synodic Mercury cycles influence leaf patterns. Particular cosmic signatures are seen in taxonomic families, e.g. Apiaceae, Compositae etc. This modern biodynamic awareness can update the traditional planetary rulerships of the medicinal herbs.

11.30am – 12.30pm

Brian Clark – Plenary: Creativity and Astrology  *Online Speaker
Astrology’s search for meaning engages us in wonder and awe. Although, no matter how revealing and remarkable astrology is, it is also enigmatic and puzzling – it is this paradox that is the heartbeat of the creative process. The art of astrology is highly creative, as it involves us in contradictory processes of literality and imagination, linearity and cyclicality, signs, and symbols. Let’s explore how astrology engages our creativity through its symbols and images.


1.45pm – 2.45pm – Choose between:

Hakan Kırkoğlu – Circle of Athla *Online Speaker
The Lot of Fortune signifies the things which happen to us out of fated issues as well as our material share, comfort and lot in life. Interestingly, we can construct a derived chart by assuming the Lot of Fortune as an alternative Ascendant. Marcus Manilius in Astronomica tells us that this new derived chart is indeed a new way of looking at our fortunes in life.

Kieron Devlin & Maame Esi – Astro Biographies: the life in the chart as it charts the life
Biography and astrology give the elixir of how character intertwines with life path. Using Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula, and Mary Laveau, Vodou practitioner from New Orleans, we track life events to the natal chart to create astrobiographies a potent way to learn thumbnail astrology.

Martin Sebastian Moritz – The 8th house: Finding resilience in times of crisis and change
In Hellenistic Astrology the 8th house is called ‘Epikataphora’ (casting down), a secret place of resilience and hope. We will explore how to access this reservoir of strength hidden beneath suppressed soul layers and unfinished business.

Christeen Skinner – Lunar Perspectives
Where exactly is your Moon? Its latitude, declination and distance from Earth are as important as house and sign placement. Lunar rhythms affect terrestrial weather systems and affect our moods, needs and financial affairs. We will explore links with family heritage and tradition and how these constructively enrich or sabotage our life journey. By deploying our understanding of lunar rhythms, aspects, midpoints and harmonics, the aim is to improve well-being and ability to cope with life challenges.

Sue Tompkins – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Saturn-Uranus Aspects
This year owes much to the Saturn-Uranus square. Sue will explore this pairing in terms of past, present and future possibilities – looking at personal, health and mundane manifestations. She will also look at natal examples of people and events with this duo in aspect.

3.00pm – 4.00pm – Choose between:

Dr Lee Lehman – An Advance Look at Pluto in Aquarius *Online Speaker
In 2023-2024, Pluto changes signs and restacks the deck to other priorities. We will examine the history of this configuration, as we anticipate the effect of Saturn’s day sign.

Kieron Devlin & Maame Esi – Discovering the Orishas through Western Astrology
Discover which of the Graeco-Roman gods, planets and signs have parallel deities in the Afro-Caribbean-American Orishas and folk practices -Santeria, Voodou and Candomble.  Taste the rich symbolic brew of symbolism this offers and explore where the astrological correspondences exist from Europe via Africa to the Americas.

Gary O’Toole – An East-West Integrative Approach
In an era when Western and Eastern astrological traditions seem to be pitted against each other, their zodiac calculations seemingly at odds, using both systems, in some ways, can be an antidote to the divisiveness – and a more potent blend to boot.

Wanda Sellar – The Nodes and their Aspects
The points in the sky for millennia known as the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail seem to have many interpretations, though traditionally the Dragon’s Head is supposedly benign and the Dragon’s Tail, malign. These days we call them the North Node and South Node, the two points where the Moon’s orbital path crosses the ecliptic, the Sun’s apparent yearly path on the celestial sphere. We know the astronomy but what is the astrology? We will look at the different viewpoints and meaning, as well as their placement in the signs and the houses, but chiefly planetary connections.

Dr Mark Williams – The Astrology of Personality Disorder
Personality disorder, as a psychiatric diagnosis, represents an ingrained pattern of thinking and feeling that is notoriously hard to treat and can cause immense distress and destructiveness. It is very likely that any astrologer who works as a counsellor will see clients who suffer from (or might have) PD, and this talk suggests some ways of working astrologically with such people, whose suffering is very great but who require very firm boundaries.

4.15pm – 5.15pm – Choose between:

Christina Caudill – Riding the Eclipse Dragon *Online Speaker
The ancients believed that kings were born and died on eclipses, and nations would rise and fall. Even today, we see that eclipses often signify those with extraordinary destinies who carry forth the narrative of the Zeitgeist. We’ll explore charts of eclipse babies to illuminate the impact of eclipses in the natal chart ranging from subtle influences of destined choices to extreme shifts of fate with far-reaching consequences.

Christos Archos – Entering the Second Axial Age: A New Turbulent and Fascinating Era
Axial age was the name of the period of the birth of the greatest ancient civilisations, but the current planetary positions whisper of a second axial age, of great importance that is going to change humanity forever, for good or bad.

John Green – Talking Aspects: Understanding our Inner Voices
One of the hardest parts of learning astrology is understanding how aspects work. How do the deities in our charts (planets) interact with one another? In this experiential session, using charts from the group, we will bring these planetary interactions to life and explore the internal conversations we have with ourselves in planetary terms.

Adrian Duncan – Jupiter: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The beliefs you gravitate towards are shown by Jupiter. As 2020 has shown, when Jupiter is heavily aspected, beliefs can get ugly. Jupiter shows how we shape experience, obscuring perception. This talk explores how we can liberate ourselves by identifying and changing limiting beliefs.

Julian Venables – Navigating the Ancients’ Space Time Map
Gathering your planets into the Chaldean order around personal space you can observe yourself within an innovative space time map of consciousness. It beautifully unites your inner and outer worlds, and it holds the key to blissfully uniting traditional astrology with modern psychological astrology.

5.30pm – 6.30pm – Choose between:

Maurice Fernandez – The Yod Configuration *Online Speaker
Composed of two quincunxes and a sextile, the Yod is often referred to as “The Finger of God.” This arrow-shaped configuration requires a person’s highest integrity; it deflates arrogance and can only be mastered through sincere humility. Maurice goes through all possible Yod placements in the chart, detailing the different evolutionary lessons in each case.

Darby Costello – Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus:  The Struggle between the ‘Ideal’ and the ‘Real.’
2021 is dominated by the Saturn/Uranus square.  It will separate through the early months of 2022, but then return within a degree of exactitude in October.  We shall examine what it is describing in our communities and our personal lives, and how to engage with it as consciously as possible so to be part of the maturing of our species in this critical time on our precious home planet.

Christina Rodenbeck – The Goddess of Good Health
During this time of pandemic, the asteroid named after the goddess of good health, Hygiea, has a great deal to show us. Although she is one of the largest asteroids, she has been curiously neglected, but her transits and her appearance in a natal chart are extraordinarily revealing.

Sonal Sachdeva – Our Fight for Ourselves: The Intelligence of Our Rising
The Ascendant Lagna in Vedic Jyotisha is one of the most important pillars amongst the three. It is the Satya peetha – The Truth of oneself and planetary aspects on the Ascendant will indicate alteration in our dhi intelligence and our viveka discriminating power. This talk will look at what makes us think as we do, and what really compels us to make the choices that we make – how certain foods and herbs can help us alleviate the afflictions to the Ascendant and or to the Ascendant ruler/lord.

John Wadsworth – The Astrologer’s Role in Cases of Psychosis or Spiritual Emergency
How do we, as astrologers, offer appropriate support to clients who are experiencing acute mental health crises?  How equipped are we to help clients during such times, and to what extent can our astrological insight facilitate what may be an instance of authentic spiritual emergence?

6.30PM – 7.15PM Meetings

APAE meeting 

Local groups meeting

8pm – Grand Saturday Evening Dinner
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7.45am – 8.30am – Yoga with Seline with pan drum player
9.00am – 10.00am – Choose between:

Brian Clark – Everyday Magic: The Rituals of Daily Life *Online Speaker
Our horoscope reveals authentic ways to live a more soulful and nourishing lifestyle. Through honouring its symbols, we discover more resonance between our inner self and the daily world. In this talk we explore astrological signatures and symbols that facilitate living a more meaningful life. Using these simple, yet profound images, we will amplify ways to invite everyday magic into our lifestyles.

Alexander Kolesnikov – Local Space Chart: The Ultimate Tool of the Astrology of Space
Similar to how Astro*Carto*Graphy is a visual, computer-age, representation of the old technique of relocation, the Local Space Chart is a richer, more detailed and nuanced instrument on which the Local Space Maps are based. It offers possibilities that do not exist in the other methods.

Martin Sebastian Moritz – Neighbours yet strangers: Critical degrees between signs
The realm between 29° and 1° is critical territory. The last degree of a sign feels ambivalent. The planet is weary and eager to leave, yet also anxious about the challenges ahead. The first degree of a sign can be invigorating, but also overwhelming and confusing. Exploring the tricky degrees of the 12 signs.

Giorgia Pecora – Astrology in the Age of New Love Constellations Increasingly, societal prejudices against love constellations other than monogamy have been put into question: terms such as open relationships, triads and polyamory have entered common parlance. Yet, these new labels can be confusing. This talk discusses how an astrological consultation can help to navigate this topic.

Lianne McCafferty – Juno: More Than Just a Wife
Multi-faceted, protector of everyone’s rights, demanding fairness financially and emotionally, Juno is also inflammatory and vengeful in her quest for justice. Intent on inclusivity, what might she show us in the era of equality heralded by Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius?

10.15am – 11.15am – Choose between:

Mari Garcia – Moving Forward *Online Speaker
Profections is a technique of moving the chart forward one sign a year.  A simple technique to pinpoint the difficult and challenging times in the future.  The topics and issues which emerge form a pattern and understanding the pattern, including the planets involved provides a way of facing them.

Alison Kelly – Mistresses of the Cults
It’s unusual to find female cult leaders, but there have been a few over the years. In this talk Alison will look at the charts of three ‘mistresses of the cults’, taking particular note of the transits when they first started to display their powers.

David Hamblin – Thirteen; A Lucky Number?
Thirteen has been seen as an unlucky number, but its astrological meaning is different from this. David will present examples of natal and mundane charts which are unusually strong in the 13th harmonic, and which shed light on the profound and yet elusive quality of the number thirteen.

Christian König – The Soul of the Night
When night falls, the soul awakens. The night is a magical space that opens when the world becomes silent. Then the starry sky appears. Come along and join Christian on a journey to Wyboston’s current starry sky. Listen to stories associated with the stars.

Nick Oakley-Smith – Pluto in Capricorn and the ingredients for Global Consciousness
Pluto in Capricorn looks like the death of an old way of operating with the possibility of a new way arising in the form of a collective consciousness.  How can astrology help us understand the alchemy that will turn this lead into gold?

11.30am – 12.30am – Choose between:

Faye Blake – Ceres as Elixir; An Antidote for Pluto *Online Speaker
Ceres protected plebeian laws and rights from the ruling patricians. Faye will discuss Ceres’ role in the Coronavirus pandemic, and argue that Ceres’ position between Mars – individual will, and Jupiter –  politicians, makes her the ideal goddess to study on issues relating to democracy.

Gill Dorren – The Healing Power of Pluto
In 2023 this powerful planet enters Aquarius.  Pluto symbolises transformation from deep within.  I will describe its journey and discuss if it will assist society heal post Covid- 19 through both the individual and collective.  It could be a magical potion the world will need.

Adrian Duncan – Love Potion No. 9
What if the expectations we have of our partners cause love to wane over time? Venus is the magnetic force that shows attraction. This talk examines aspects to Venus and describes how to understand people whose behaviour upsets us and adjust our own behaviour to enjoy happy relationships. 

Susan Lionti -The Astrology of Autism
One in eighty people are autistic and autism in children is increasing rapidly. Some say this is the beginning of the transition from human to superhuman whilst others struggle with the challenges their autistic children face. Susan, who recently realised she too is autistic will discuss the astrology of autism and its implications for the neuro-diversity debate.

Alejo López – Astrology as an Art
Astrology is often seen as science or divination. Almost everyone agrees that it can be healing. However, in the past, it was considered an Art. Why have we forgotten this definition? Contrasting the radicality of science, it may open new possibilities for our future practice.


1.30pm – 2.30pm – Choose between:

Dr Kelley Hunter – Cosmic Mermaids: Astrological Sea Goddesses *Online Speaker
Mermaids evoke ancient memories that stir our souls. With Neptune in Pisces, their subtle singing calls us. We visit mermaid moons and planetoids, water signs, Sabian Symbols and swim in deep Vedic waters. Dive in the cosmic seas to find your mermaid (or merman).

Christos Archos – How Declinations can Serve our Future
Declinations are a very important set of techniques that help us understand and comprehend our future. Useful for love, money and success declinations are very important when we try to understand our future.

Dr Frances Clynes – Potential and Power
The traditional technique of essential dignities of the planets is still used to some extent in modern astrology in the form of domicile, detriment, exaltation, and fall. Based on its zodiacal position, these show the potential strength or weakness of a planet. The technique of accidental dignity, however, indicating the planet’s power to act, is rarely used today by non-traditional astrologers. Yet it can offer an explanation as to why a planet which appears strong in its zodiacal placement, fails to realise its potential. This talk will look at the natal charts of well-known individuals with essentially dignified planets, which have not delivered as we might have expected.

Victor Olliver – Chasing Dragons: Finding Life Purposes in the Horoscope
Draconic astrology is a specialised technique originating from ancient Babylon, seeking to identify life or spiritual purposes in the natal or event chart. Its starting point is the North Node which is repositioned to the vernal equinox point, and this creates a chart that’s supplemental to the tropical. In this talk you’ll learn the basics of the approach through the ground rules and analyses of charts of notable people. Draconic completely revolutionises understanding of astrology.

Roy Gillett – 2022-23 – Transition Through and to What
After a brief revision of the main Astro-cycles that led to the world of 2020-21, Roy will look at the coming two years in depth. What do the transits suggest of how [and into what] the world may recover?

2.45pm – 3.45pm – Choose between:

Ronnie Dreyer – The Power of Eclipse Cycles *Online Speaker
Eclipses are the most important predictors of life-changing events especially when planets reach and activate the eclipse degree. We’ll uncover amazing examples of how eclipse cycles work in practice, and how the upcoming ones in November and December affect you on a deeply personal level.

Patricia Godden – Deeper Interpretations of Planetary Symbols Looking at the meanings of the different parts of the symbols of the planets and their orientation within each symbol provides a more profound appreciation of planetary energies. These are linked with spiritual teachings that describe deeper facets of planetary energies and how they may unfold in the future.

Henry Seltzer – The Astrology of Deep Psychology:  New Planets Beyond Pluto 
What do new planetary archetypes Haumea and Makemake have to tell us about the underpinnings of human psychology? Pluto, Chiron, and Eris can be shown to go to depth within the psyche and so too with the other two officially christened ‘dwarf’, or KBO, planets named after indigenous gods and goddesses. These represent profound connection to Nature and the implications are that we are a part of the web of life in all its forms, and that connection with the natural world – including natural law concepts of right action and right relationship – is an essential part of us all. Jung, with strong Haumea, famously declared that those who “live in an artificial manner” were not able to stand him; he said, “they sense Nature.”

John Wadsworth – Iconoclasm & Technocracy:  The Shadow Side of Uranus 
We tend to idealise Uranian values such as independence, liberation, and technological progress, but Uranus’s shock factor can also cause dissociation, leaving us vulnerable to technocratic forms of governance.  John will explore this is the context of the Saturn-Uranus cycle.

Dr Chris Mitchell – Dabbling in the Dark Arts: How the Church Embraced Arabic Astrology and Opened the Door to Modern Science
We all know that scientists and religious authorities don’t like astrology – it’s either New Age nonsense, or it’s dabbling in the dark arts whose practitioners will go to hell. In medieval times, though, astrology was practised by Jews, Christians, and Muslims – with the blessing of their respective religious bodies. Find out how a Pope introduced astrology to Christian Europe, and how it was promoted by kings and became a university staple – and in the process, opened the door to modern science.

4.00pm – 4.45pm

Sue Tompkins – Plenary – The Pisces Potion
In this talk, Sue will explore Pisces in various contexts and consider what Jupiter in Pisces might bring to current times. Will it be a help or a hindrance to our greatest challenge, that of climate change and whilst many will expect more charitable and spiritual times given next year’s conjunction with Neptune, this is likely to be only a small part of the story.

4.45pm – 5.00pm Conference closing