Conference 2023

'Light Emerging from the Shadows'

Conference 2023 Itinerary


MORNING WORKSHOPS - 10.00am – 12.30pm Choose between:

Chris Mitchell – Day and Night: The Joy of Sects
Today, we often think of signs as having keywords – personalities, even. Aquarius is quirky and unconventional, Gemini is chatty, and so on, and we delineate charts using these keywords. Medieval astrology took a different approach and viewed the chart as the stage on which your life played out, and the planets are the actors. Some are key players; some play minor roles. It was the planets rather than signs that had keywords and personalities – Saturn is severe, Jupiter is generous; those keywords work in modern astrology too, but medieval astrology placed a lot of emphasis on working out which planets were working hard for you, using techniques that have largely been lost in modern astrology. One key one is “sect”, which uses day and night to determine your “leading light”, and how that affects your chart. This workshop will explore the interplay between light and dark and show you how to use these fascinating techniques in your own astrological work.

Stormie Grace – Astrology Meets Business: Let’s work Smarter, not harder
Join Stormie Grace for a dynamic series exploring how to use the chart of your business to create the business foundations that will steer and navigate your company in the most successful manner possible. We will begin with your business chart to create your business plan, branding, media kit, and finally the accounting set up! We will walk through the process of creating your foundation and have time for personal examples from our class. It seems very practical (and it IS), but it’s so astrological. Please come prepared with a chart or potential chart for your business. If you are not there yet just bring your natal chart and we can still explore!! Five main points will be Meeting your business through the natal chart, The Business Plan, Astro branding, What belongs in the Media Kit and Accounting Checklist and Deductions. By the end of our session, you will have all you need to get your business moving!

Kay Taylor – Integral Embodiment: Your Personal Saturn Journey
Saturn reflects a deeply held agenda to accomplish the karmic task of the lifetime. Through the lens of Saturn, we create structure to embody Essence on the earth plane, which often feels slow or near impossible. In this experiential, personal workshop we’ll explore the evolutionary goals of natal Saturn, key turning points, and your next Saturn transit. We’ll explore a psychosynthesis inner process to reflect an integrated, preferred outcome.

AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS – 2.00pm – 4.30pm Choose between:

Deb Houlding – The Caliph’s Dream – understanding accession charts and the elected foundation chart of Baghdad
The transmission of astrological treasures from Alexandria to Arabia (and the ideals they represented) impacted the timing, location, and design of Baghdad – a city purposefully constructed to act as a centre of wisdom in the ‘Golden Age’ of Arabian science. Baghdad’s foundation chart is often viewed as an enigma by modern astrologers, but with the aid of symbolic reassessment and historical and architectural reports, we can correct some transmission errors and discover just how deep and meaningful the symbolic and astronomical significance was between the elected foundation and the city that emerged.

Sue Tompkins – Medical Astrology
Health, the mind/body relationship and the vast amount of bodily processes are truly remarkable and mysterious and often only partially understood, even by experts. What can astrologers realistically and accurately define, predict and assess in health matters and should they? In this workshop, Sue who as a homeopath works day-in and day-out with people and their health problems, will discuss such matters as well as the astrological significators behind some anatomy, physiology and that of various diseases. Time will be allotted to focus on some of your health questions/issues.

Sandra-Leigh Serio – Fated Aspects
Astrologers apply many different meanings to planets and their aspects. But what they often fail to focus on is the destiny component associated with certain planetary aspects. This lecture will focus on the hidden dimension of aspects and how they can point toward events and experiences that unfold in your life.


Roy Gillett – The Astrological Association – Bringer of Light
Founded in early Rock N’ Roll times, on the 1958 Summer Solstice, with angular Jupiter and Saturn, just eleven days after Pluto settled in Virgo, the Association’s major moments have often coincided with major world events, explained by astro-events. Roy will describe some of these. Then look ahead, shining positive light to identify and  dispel any potential darkness of the upcoming Pluto-in-Aquarius years.


Gill Dorren – The Astrological Wonders of the Cosmos
The James Webb Telescope along with the Hubble Telescope have taken us to the very edge of our Universe and nearly back to the beginning of Time.  I want to take you on a journey from our Solar System, far beyond our Suns’ heliosphere, to meet the nearby stars to our sun and then beyond not just through our Galaxy and meet the constellations and the fixed stars which we know through our art, but out into the cosmos, to other galaxies and phenomena such as Black Holes and show you why I believe Astrology gives a deeper meaning to humanities place in this wonderful cosmos that we have been viewing with these technological advanced telescopes.


09.00am – 10.00am - Choose between:

Lee Lehman – Assigning Traditional Rulerships to Modern Diseases
Much effort over the past fifty years has gone into assigning rulershps to diseases that William Lilly never heard of. Lee asks the question: how necessary is this? This is an earnest question which addresses the philosophical question of just how well traditional medical astrological theory can mesh with modern technological disease mechanisms.

Alexander Kolesnikov  – Moving for Solar Returns as a Free Will Technique
Many astrologers disagree on whether meeting the moment of a solar return in a particular place will have an influence on the year ahead, but arguments on this topic are usually theoretical. We’ll explore practical evidence in support of the idea.

Christos Archos – Astrology and Family constellations
Here through the natal charts, we understand the family dynamics and go in depth to the generational traumas and problems a family might have? Astrology has several techniques to share exploring this and in this talk we will examine these situations with real examples!

Victor Olliver – Embracing my inner weirdo: the case of a nomadic Ascendant
“I made a recent significant discovery. Of personal significance, that is. I am not Gemini-Gemini or Gemini-Taurus, Gemini-Cancer or even Gemini-Pisces as I once thought. My Sun is still in Gemini but Ascendant is now in Aquarius. Oh wow. At last! I can embrace my inner weirdo…” In the absence of an accurate time of birth, Victor has identified with different rising signs throughout his life depending on his mood, inclination, preference or latest relationship. Each archetype of sign has revealed or mirrored different facets of his personality, shifting the focal point from ‘objective’ accuracy to ‘subjective’ truth for limited periods. A no-holds-barred memoir of zodiacal reflection.

Gez Abel – Astrological AI: When neurons meet electrons (and vice versa) 
With Pluto in Aquarius trining Uranus, what are we to make of astrological AIs? Are we looking at mere tools, our profession’s doom, or are we witnessing the birth of a gestalt entity that can ultimately emancipate all conscious beings from suffering – And if so, then what?

Graham Ibell – Medicine of Self – Jung, Saturn-Pluto and our times [Online Speaker]
Jung, born with a close Saturn-Pluto square, wrote his important essay The Undiscovered Self in 1956 under a similar square. Arguing that the individual is the only counter to collective forces, it has never been as relevant as in the aftermath of the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction. As we emerge from a time of global darkness let’s look at the implications of his ideas.

10.15am – 11.15am - Choose between:

Faye Blake – Hello from the other side – of Eclipses
The patriarchy has been dominant for years, so traditionally, it’s bad when the Moon eclipses the Sun. When the Moon gets eclipsed by the earth, she gets a rest from the Sun’s masculine gaze. Is there a way to relate these sacred meetings of Sun and Moon to gender?

Carole Taylor – The Astrology of the Shadow
Jung saw the shadow as the disowned self, the dimension of the personality relegated to the unconscious because it evokes fear or shame yet containing some of our most creative potentials. What is unacknowledged is easily projected, until we recognise and integrate it into conscious life. This talk explores the concept of the shadow in the birth chart.

Rod Chang – When Fixed Stars Make Move
Ancient astrologers believe Fixed stars are not moving but stars move with the speed of 1 degree every 72 years. What happens when a star changes sign within the tropical zodiac? For example, what happened when Regulus moved from Leo to Virgo?

Stefano Stracuzzi – The seasonality of the Planetary Index
Over the last three years, while the outer planets have been gathered within one section of the zodiac, we have experienced a generalized social slowdown. This was further aggravated each Northern Winter by the arrival of the Sun and faster planets within the Low Index Zone. We will then look at the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction as a major turning point, drawing parallels with what happened in the mid-1940s.

Xenia Nent – Into the air element with Uranus, Pluto, and dwarf planets – blockchain, Web3, and the Internet of value [Online Speaker]
Not only Pluto touches Aquarius in 2023 and Uranus Gemini in 2025, dwarf planet Sedna will also join in Gemini in 2023. The air element is complete with dwarf planet Makemake currently transiting Libra. This coincides with the rise of blockchain and the so-called Web3 – both shadow and light included.

11.30am – 12.30pm - Choose between:

Deborah Houlding – The Startling Synastry of Guinness and Dean
“It was a very, very odd occurrence” said Sir Alec Guiness about his fateful meeting with young actor James Dean. “I looked at my watch and…” – and he gave us the time, place and date. Obviously this was a loaded cosmic moment as Guinness delivered a disquieting message that shocked them both. Why those two, why at that place, why at that time?

Sue Tompkins – What just happened? The Astrology of COVID
Did you get vaccinated? Have you had the virus? In this talk Sue will look at COVID both from a health and more general point of view in terms of it’s beginning, how things are right now and into the future and ask what are the long-term ramifications of the virus.

Kim Farnell – Popular astrology columns in women’s magazines
The horoscope column has been associated with women’s magazines since it was ‘born’ in the 1930s. However, the story of popular astrology and the women’s press goes back much further. This talk looks at popular astrology in British women’s magazines and in British and US newspapers from the late nineteenth century until the 1980s.

Stellar Chan – Saturn: the shadow and glory of life
Saturn is known as the planet of limitations, restrictions, and the shadows in our life. While in modern Western astrology, it is also a great mentor and give us glory if we really work hard on its task. In Chinese astrology, Saturn is a central planet of the cosmology model, which makes the foundation of life stable. Comparing the meaning of Saturn in Western and Chinese astrology, we can find a new perspective of how to get the glory from the shadow of life.

Meghna Bhagat – Emerging from the Shadows of Shame and Blame
Our noses and our tastes hearken back to our great grand ancestors. I imagine that our unrequited longings and deep-seated wounds do too. Evolutionary astrology’s gifts include the ability to uncover ancestral DNA in the birth chart, helping discern the compulsive from the compelling, freeing one from judgment and shame.

Alejo López – The Astrology of Hope [Online Speaker]
What is hope? And how to be hopeful in times like this? Our craft is deeply related to finding light in the dark. The wondering planets cannot be seen during the bright daylight but only at night. So, could astrology help us in finding hope?

1.45pm – 2.45pm - Choose between:

Lynn Bell – What’s your Mars doing in our relationship?
Mars may be necessary trouble in relationship. Mars wakes up desire, it signals issues of dominance and power, and it energizes, and brings things to life. We will look at specific examples of how a Mars acts in Synastry. come with your questions.

Wade Caves – Missing persons and pets: An application of horary technique
Horary is a sharp tool that provides clear counsel on tough problems and situations. Little could create a sense of desperation and anxiety like the case of a missing person or pet. Learn in this session how these issues are handled astrologically with modern case studies.

Arlan Wise – Ram Dass – Bearer of Light from the East
An exploration of how Richard Alpert became Ram Dass, a beloved teacher of eastern mysticism. His legacy continues to bring new levels of spiritual awareness to the west. We follow his life, using his writings and personal conversations, by looking at progressions, solar arcs, solar returns, and transits to his chart.

Lianne McCafferty – The Deep Evolutionary Force of Pluto & Haumea: “Where There Is Life There Is Hope – Healing At A Molecular Leve
Pluto in Aquarius will bring a myriad of technological developments, but what about its healing potential? Medical advancements like gene therapy and artificial wombs could offer hope for many, yet for any innovation to be born, a spark of life is needed, and Haumea’s vast creative potential is exactly that.

Oner Doser – Questions Related to Business and Career
In this talk, I will give practical advice on answering the questions on promotion, transfer and occupational skills. We will talk about the rules and practical approaches for answering the questions like “Shall I get the job I want?”, “Shall I be dismissed?”, “Am I involved in the right occupation?”, “Should I be self-employed or work for the others?”.

John Wadsworth – The Dragon and Serpent Holder – the question of the 13th Sign  [Online Speaker]
Are there are any grounds to introduce a 13th member to the twelvefold Zodiac? John will explore the hype and misunderstandings around Ophiuchus, and suggest Draco, the constellation at the ecliptic’s centre, as a very different way of integrating a 13th archetype.

3.00pm – 4.00pm - Choose between:

John Green – Pluto In Aquarius – Utopia or Dystopia?
Much has been written recently regarding the time Pluto will spend in Aquarius some profoundly positive, some very negative. In this talk John looks into the black mirror at the very nature of Pluto and the sign Aquarius to try and unpick what we can realistically expect of its time there.

Stormie Grace – Preparing for a Consultation: Meeting Clients Through Their Progressed Lunar Phase
When preparing for an astrological consultation a vast amount of information can be considered to deliver a sound consultation to the client, but what if there is an easier way to get right to the heart of where your client is currently at from the inside out? This talk is an exploration of meeting the client through the natal and progressed lunar phase. We allow the client to receive information that prepares them to work smarter not harder. We will discuss the phases, hand calculate the phases, and the exploration of the celebration of cyclical deaths. In this talk, we will calculate, discuss, and celebrate charts of people, businesses, and countries! (SO fun)!!!!

Philip Graves – From Sibly to Zadkiel: Astrologers and Texts of the 19th Century English Astrological Revival
An overview of English astrologers and their works from 1784 to 1863, a period when astrology returned to the light with many new publications in Britain after a 58-year drought of substantial new texts since 1726.

Kay Taylor – The Karmic Story…without the Karma
The evolutionary soul journey shown via the Lunar Nodes resonates deeply with most. Yet, there are several good reasons to leave out the past life interpretations and focus on the psychological needs and life path. We’ll explore the nodal structure without focus on reincarnation, showing the essential chart synthesis technique.

Tassoula Fragkia – Meditative astrology
Can our Natal Chart speak to us? The answer is Yes, through this pioneer astrological technique for self-awareness and healing. During guided sessions we manage to reprogram the brain. By using specific colors for each zodiac sign according to individual’s natal chart, half the brain gets in meditative A-waves stage, while the other half cerebral is still active and can communicate and solve subconscious conflicts caused by the planetary dynamics.

Hakan Kırkoğlu – Three episodes of our lives: The 3rd, 7th and the 40th days of the Moon [Online Speaker]
Every story contains three parts: the beginning, the middle and the end. This rhythmic movement seems so natural that we would take it granted. However, if you would ask what is astrological rational behind this natural phenomenon, I would like to mention a whole set of practice which was essentially employed in the helenistic period, between the late 2nd BCE and 6th CE centuries.

4.15pm – 5.15pm - Choose between:

Tom Stedall – Death and new life: quantitative research on cycles of violence
Inspired by Cosmos and Psyche (Tarnas, 2006), I present recent quantitative research in mundane astrology, including work to be submitted to Correlation this year. I report investigations on war, financial crashes, and natural disasters. I also discuss approaches to obtaining data and indicate some further areas of possible interest.

Chris Mitchell – Out of the Dark Ages, into the Light – how astrology blossomed in the Middle Ages
If you live in Europe or the USA, you may have been given a simplified view of history: the Romans came along 2000 years ago, civilised us and brought us art and science, then the Roman Empire collapsed and we were plunged into the Dark Ages, which lasted 1000 years until Michelangelo came along and turned the lights back on, ushering in the Renaissance. This narrow view is almost entirely wrong and ignores one major phenomenon important to everyone practising astrology today: how astrology rose from the ashes in the Middle Ages, long before the Renaissance. All of us astrologers today owe a huge debt to a multicultural group of medieval Jewish, Muslim, and Christian scholars who made the art we practise today possible.

Ray Liu – Coming from Different Worlds: Another View on the Nodes
Because of eclipses, the nodes have won much attention of astrologers. Various astrological theories about the nodes have emerged one after another. Ancient Chinese considered them as boundaries, the boundaries to differentiate the motivation of our life.

Robert Anderson – The Astrology of Earthquakes
Despite ongoing investigations into the causes, location and timing of earthquakes using orthodox scientific methods, they remain very difficult to predict – particularly as regards timing. In this talk, we will consider the ‘Astrological weather’ prevailing at the time of some historical quakes, and make a tentative prediction concerning the South of England.

Rebekah Hirsch – The Psychology of Selves
Everyone contains a myriad of sub-personalities. The Psychology of Selves is the process of getting to know the different aspects of self – the ‘primary selves’ and the hidden ‘disowned-selves’. This exploration is, of course, the essence of the gift of astrology.

Michael Lutin – Hey! Where is everybody? [Online Speaker]
When time stops and Pluto tears apart your world, you’re supposed to be cool about impossible changes and just say la-Dee-da and goodbye to a whole life you’ve been leading. Pluto is on the move again, and creeping toward the inevitable commitments and changes you knew were coming, so you might as well join the parade and enjoy the ride. But if only it didn’t take so damn long. Don’t rush it. Tomorrow is forever.

5.30pm – 6.30pm - Choose between:

Mark Fountain – Blinded by the Light: Peak Experiences and Turning Points
There are special times, often known as ‘peak experiences’, when a sudden illumination or inspiration can change someone’s life forever, helping them realize what their life purpose might be. This talk explores the possible astrological signatures of such turning points, with a discussion of examples involving people from different historical periods.

Jean Elliott – The Moon’s Major Standstill
We are at the start of a Major Lunar Standstill Season.  What does this mean?  What does it have to do with the ‘out of bounds’ Moon?  While they are not quite the same, Jean will explain the connection and will use a couple of case studies.

Wendy Stacey The British Empire: survival or implosion?
The UK in a post-Brexit, politically volatile climate sits on the brink of disabling not only the ‘United Kingdom’ but also the entire British empire, and its 56 commonwealth countries . How can the traditional royal family along with a fragmented political system survive in this interesting new era.

Beatriz Alegría – Working with the Shadow in Astrological Consultations
We are complex beings, holding multiple identities. However, we learn to silence some of our internal characters whilst giving voice to others. This talk will delve into the Jungian shadow concept, depicting a way to help clients bring light to their darkness and unbury from the unconscious their finest treasures.

Aswin Subramanyan – Firdaria: Periods of Life
Firdaria, a time-lord technique from the medieval tradition has long been under-estimated or ignored. From this talk, the audience would gain useful guidelines apply Firdaria as a technique in the client work besides understanding the tweaks and changes, I made in the calculation of sub-periods along with an extended role to the Nodes of the Moon as the sub-time lords which was not part of the original method.

Linda Kubota Byrd – Befriending Your Chart: From Understanding to Knowing [Online Speaker]
It’s Pisces time! Join me as we engage your imagination and explore your chart from a different perspective. Imagine bringing your chart to life and engaging with the different characters that comprise your inner committee. Parts that have been isolated or at odds, negotiating for your highest good, moving from understanding to a deeper knowing.


09.00am – 10.00am - Choose between:

Faye Blake – The terrible 45’s and other Critical Ages
The Huber Age Progression is a forecasting technique which is used to look at life periods and offer advice for all ages. The critical or low points in each house are turning points in each life phase where we move from a potentially dark time and awaken to a lighter one.

Stellar Chan – Planets in 12th house
The 12th house is the place of the bad spirits. It is a dark, shaded place and therefore unfavourable for the matters of life. The planets in 12th house are the fallen angels, which are also powerful unconsciousness in the natal chart. It is meaningful to light them up for the ‘secret self’. I will give my insight on the cases of planets in 12th house.

Oner Doser – The Use of Ingress Charts in Ottoman Astrology
Ingress charts used in Mundane Astrology to predict major events of the Year. In this presentation, Öner Döşer will explain the rules of use of ingress charts in Ottoman Astrology, combining it with historical events and inferences from the 19th century Magistrate Sadullah al-Ankarawi’s magnificent 578-page work.

Ruby Glasspool – From Routine to Enlightenment; the Hidden Meaning of the 6th House
In weaving together the symbolism for Mercury, its joint rulership of the 3rd and 6th House, along with Virgo, 12th house and endless clues in ancient spiritual teachings, a new meaning has been found for the 6th house. This talk proposes that the 6th House is the most important house of all.

Arlan Wise – From the Past we see the Future
An homage to our astrological ancestors. We look at the charts of astrologers who may be unknown to younger astrologers, such as Patrick Walker, Marion March, Dane Rudhyar, Jim Lewis, Joan Quigley, Dennis Elwell. We discuss their life’s work and stories to bring them out of the dark into the light of knowledge.

Julija Simas – Understanding the Fractal Nature of Astrology [Online Speaker]
Through the repeating patterns and cycles, we study when doing astrology, we get a sense that cycles repeat but are never quite the same. Our Birth Charts, or any radix chart, represent the Initial conditions set off at birth, that bring with them the patterns of the past that unfold into the future. Just like fractals, we have a birth chart that is moving and alive, like nature itself.  In this session Julija will explore the nature of astrology as a factual life pattern that we can learn to love, live and create with. From the Venus Star cycle, to eclipse cycles to planetary pair dynamics, learn to be more conscious of the cycles you were born into that continue to shape your life.

10.15am – 11.15am - Choose between:

Alexander Kolesnikov  – Bringing the Zodiac to the Earth: A Relocation Technique for an Uncertain Time of Birth
Most techniques of the astrology of space are sensitive to the time of birth, and so cannot be used for many potential clients. However, geodetic equivalents can be useful for discovering the potential of a location for anyone.

Lee Lehman – When Multiple Outer Planets Change Signs in a Single Year
Jupiter changes sign on average every year. But how often do three or more outer planets change signs within a year, like 2023? The answer is: more often than you might think! We’ll look at past instances of this, and what the rest of the 2020s will bring.

Christos Archos – Using harmonics and Cosmobiology in Synastry
Harmonics and Cosmobiology are two interesting techniques that can help us understand better the dynamics of a relationship and also its future. By incorporating those techniques in synastry we are provided with more depth to the psychological foundations of a relationship.

Aswin Subramanyan – An Insight into Medieval Mundane Astrology

In this lecture, we will find some information that forms the core of medieval Mundane astrology that facilitates in accurate forecasting of the mundane events that might occur with respect to any specific geographical location. We will also take a look at implementing a time lord system to Mundane charts to help a mundane astrologer to point out exact topics of any prominence during the given period.

Giorgia Pecora – The Karmic Ghosts of your Natal Chart
The Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth houses compel us to deal with the debts, and shadows of former incarnations, our connection with our lineage and the karmic stories connected to our genealogical tree. How can we navigate them in a conscious way?

Alan Clay – Embracing the New Richness [Online Speaker]
Makemake in the Houses. The higher octave of Uranus in our daily lives. New planets are discovered when we need new consciousness in our lives, and where the discovery of Uranus heralded the beginning of the networked information age, Makemake addresses the rich culture that creates.


11.30am – 12.30pm - Choose between:

John Green – To the Underworld and Back Again
The underworld journey entails descending into the depths of the earth or oneself, leaving the upper world behind. It is a time of solitude, fear, alienation, mourning and losing sense of who we are. How does the encounter with the dark change us and what can we bring back into the light?

Sandra-Leigh Serio – Planetary Stations and Life Changing Events
When planets change motion by secondary progression life changing events are often experienced. The intensity of the experience is determined by the strength of that planet in the natal chart. This lecture will cover stations by secondary progression in a natal chart as well as planetary stations that occur by transit.

Gary O’Toole  – Rāhu Daśā: A Guide to Thrive
Rāhu is the ascending lunar node that times the eclipse of the Sun and Moon. It is both the block and release, the darkness that leads to the light. Let’s explore some themes and experiences of Rāhu’s 18-year period, delving into some chart specifics.

Steve Pincus – Friedrich Sieggrün: Fire Starter of the Uranian System
Previously untranslated material by Friedrich Sieggrün reveals his passion, promotion and understanding of Alfred Witte’s work. Material written between 1923 and 1949 sheds light on the evolution of the Uranian System (Hamburg School) over Sieggrün lifetime. Useful techniques clearly emerge from the shadows in this brief overview of Sieggrün’s contributions.

Martha Clarke Astrology – How Astrocartography can help you finally shine
We are born where we are born. That is fate, As is who are parents are and our early environment. But what if something much greater is out there for us? By comparing our natal birth charts, relocated charts and our Astrocartography lines, assessing our current transits, we can relocate to live a life beyond our wildest dreams.

Jayne Logan – Astro-Genealogy: Understanding the Past to Light Our Way Forward [Online Speaker]
Exploring the practice of Astro-Genealogy, we examine the process and key factors to highlight family and ancestral influences on an individual’s lived experience. Using case studies, reflecting multiple generations, we reveal a path towards personal understanding, growth and healing. Insight on inherited themes of lineage can illuminate the way forward.

1.45pm – 2.45pm - Choose between:

Lynn Bell – The Edge of Time
Saturn in Pisces brings us to the edge of one time and the emergence of another. The lack of solidity, the confusing signals, creates an opening in fabric of the future, a place for dreams to move through. We can see how things are connected across space and time. Our hearts are asked to stretch further. We will look at Saturn’s passage in the different houses of the horoscope.

Carole Taylor – Astrology as Narrative Healing
‘Narrative medicine’ is an approach in the field of medicine which recognises the importance of personal biography as the foundation of illness and healing. Applied to astrology, it encourages a holistic way of working with clients, centred around the personal stories and ancestral patterns reflected in the birth chart.

Ray Liu – The Direction of Aspects
Aspects is an important part in astrology. However, there seem to be little discussion about the direction of aspects. Saturn will be square to Jupiter in the next year, but do you think the square possibly means something very different to each of them? Let’s follow the direction of aspects.

Burcu Akram – GEN Z and astrology
Around the world, members of Generation Z are spending more time on electronic devices and less time reading books than before. Gen Z astrology fans are filling social media with memes about rising signs and planetary retrograde. How can we reach and connect with GenZ to explore astrology?

María Blaquier – How to differentiate charts of twins using draconic astrology
Based on my own research of the last 20 years, in this presentation, I show how by alternatively using the draconic zodiac for one twin and the tropical for the other, one can reach outstanding conclusions that explain their differences.

Mychal Bryan – Concrete, Event-Based Natal Astrology: Key to Accurate Prediction  [Online Speaker]
Learn a step-by-step method for practicing concrete, event-based natal astrology. We will learn how to describe the specific events that have occurred within the life of a person by only using the information within their natal charts. We will also explore how to use the natal chart of a person to speak about events that occur within the lives of their siblings, parents, children, and spouses.

3.00pm – 4.00pm - Choose between:

Wade Caves – Keys to a kingdom: dispositorship demystified
Despite the ubiquitous terminology, leveraging dispositors as a technique has a steep adoption curve, perhaps because so much sits between the lines of what’s written in the traditional corpus. Contained within the idea of dispositorship we find acknowledgment of humanity’s wrestling with profound spiritual principles: the contrast between restoration and deprivation, theories on the soul’s interaction with the material, how energy and ideas are transferred from one being to another, etc. Let’s explore.

Liz Hathway – Letting out the Light
‘Out of what storm of darkness .. came this incandescent stone’. Tales of iconic diamonds, gems, curses, fascination and thievery. Why do we love jewels so and what mysteries do they hold? An astrological journey into the fascinating world of rocks, crystals and gem stones.

Tom Stedall – Astrod2: a tool for quantitative astrological research
If a planetary alignment occurs at a certain time, what other times does it also occur at? I present a powerful software library I have devised for generating astrological time series, with the aim of actively enabling others to use it in their own research.

Victor Olliver – How to write for The Astrological Journal
The editor of the Astrological Association’s much-lauded and long-lived magazine offers guidance on writing effective essays. What’s the rule on endnotes and footnotes? Just how much text should be italicised? Is it ever right to use block caps? How many points between sentences? How to sell an idea in three paragraphs. Should you ever use AI? What are the rules on copyright – photos and text? Is the covering letter effective? But most importantly, do you know what a dangling participle is? Questions welcome.

Kim Farnell – Something for the ladies
It’s long been claimed that more women than men are attracted to astrology. Similarly, horoscope columns are seen as women’s content. This talk examines the ‘truth’ of this assertion, reasons generally offered for popular astrology being cast as a women’s practice, and describes how women have related to astrology in the past couple of centuries.

Aly M. Dunne – Uncovering the Path to Healing Complex Trauma through Astrology [Online Speaker]
There is a path to healing your trauma encoded in your birth chart. In this one-hour talk, we will explore three charts to show the best way to help your clients to move through and release their pain from C-PTSD caused by sustained childhood trauma.

PLENARY - 4.15pm – 5.00pm

Rod Chang – More than a star
Most astrologer treat visible Nebula, Cluster and Galaxy as a star, most astrologer don’t even talk about them, in this talk Rod want to invite you to look at visible sky and give these beautiful celestial bodies modern meaning in astrology.