The Journal of Research in Astrology

Correlation: The Journal of Research in Astrology

Correlation is the AA’s journal of research into astrology. It is edited by Robert Currey, who in 2020 succeeded Pat Harris’s twenty-year editorship. It is published twice a year.

Exciting opportunities are opening up for astrologers seeking a deeper understanding of astrology, how it works and what it means. Find out about:

  • Introduction to astrology research aids, particularly research into the data collected by Michel and Francoise Gauquelin;
  • The establishment of a centre for research in astrology at one of Britain’s leading universities, Southampton University;
  • Astrology’s increasing presence in academia;
  • Possible funding for research proposals in astrology in the arts and the sciences;
  • Current developments in astrology relating to philosophy, social science, psychology, techniques and in the future will cover ground-breaking research in all areas of the arts and sciences.

Authors include Michel Gauquelin, Prof. Suitbert Ertel, Dr Geoffrey Dean, Dr Kyösti Tarvainen, Prof. Percy Seymour, Dr Nicholas Campion,   Dr Pat Harris, Dr Jan Ruis, Dr Bruce Scofield, T. Prof. Chris Bagley, Dr Patrick Curry, Patrick Davis, Bruce Denness, Mike Harding, Robin Heath, Theodor Landscheidt, Clare Martin, Frank McGillion, Prof. Peter Roberts, plus many others who have made and continue to make valuable contributions to ensure the future of astrology.

Whatever your particular field of interest, if you want to keep up to date with new developments in serious astrology, you should subscribe to this periodical. You can subscribe via our online shop, or at the Correlation website, where you can also find details of current research and back issues.

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