Astrological Duets

Unveiling our true colours: join us for a series of intimate gatherings this year!

Unveiling our true colours: join us for a series of intimate gatherings this year!
We are embarking on a journey to bring our community closer together through a series of intimate events designed to showcase the human side of our organization. We’d be honoured to have you join us for an authentic and heart-warming experience!

We’d love you to come along to any of these – you need to register once to get the link, but once you have the link it will work for ALL of the discussions. We’ll email everyone before each one to remind you.

✨ What to Expect:

  • Meet the Team: Our team is eager to connect with you on a personal level. Get to know the faces behind the Astrological Association of Great Britain and discover the passion that drives us.
  • Storytelling Sessions: Join us for intimate storytelling sessions where we’ll share our journey, challenges, and the meaningful moments that define us.
  • Interactive Conversations: Engage in open discussions, ask questions, and share your thoughts. This is an opportunity to foster genuine connections and build a supportive community.
  • Casual Atmosphere: The events are designed to be relaxed and welcoming, creating the perfect setting for authentic conversations and shared experiences.
  • The events will be recorded in case you want to see them later. But we encourage you to come live. We want to meet you!

🎫 How to Join:
To secure your spot at these heartwarming gatherings, simply sign up and you will receive the link.

📣 Spread the Warmth!
We believe in the power of community, and we invite you to extend this invitation to friends, family, and anyone looking to connect on a deeper level. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and a glimpse into the personalities that shape the AA.

💙Support us🙏
If you want to further support the organization that supports astrology, you can become a member or add a donation when booking.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. We can’t wait to share stories, laughter, and meaningful connections with you at Astrological Duets.

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