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Scottish Astrological Association: Moon Wobbles

With Naomi Bennett
This talk is included in SAA membership. Non-SAA members can register here for a £5 (but no one turned away for lack of funds)

One of the earliest astrological events recorded are solar eclipses since so many events happened around them. But there are Moon Wobbles too. Naomi will explain the difference between them and then give major historic events that occur with Moon Wobbles. How to use them and know when they are of major importance. Research was first done on them in 1940’s by Carl Payne Tobey. How Naomi will show you a different way to measure these eclipse periods that is more accurate for transits to a natal chart.

Naomi is an engaging international speaker and a masterful teacher of astrology’s foundations that uniquely goes beyond the Hellenistic Greeks to the original horoscopic astrology of Egypt based on astronomy. Foundational Astrology supports modern techniques, reliable predictions and psychological skills. Author of Foundations of Astrology, Moon Wobbles and Eclipses in Astrology, her goal is to share her knowledge and expand astrology globally. Reachable at naomibennett9@yahoo.com, Twitter @seshat360, Instagram Naomi.c.bennett, Facebook Naomi C Bennett and www.naomicbennett.com/