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AOAUK: Christeen Skinner and Lianne McCafferty: Pluto in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces

Christeen Skinner

Are your financial lifeboats ready for action? Winds are building up, waves are swelling and there are rocks on the horizon

A quick guide to what the next few years might hold and how each sign might prepare for the challenges ahead.

Christeen Skinner D.F.Astrol. S, F.R.S.A is a Director of Cityscopes London Ltd – a company offering future-casting services. Christeen taught for the Faculty of Astrological Studies and specialises in Financial Astrology, Midpoints and Harmonics. She is a popular speaker at conferences and is the author of Exploring the Financial Universe, Navigating the Financial Universe and The Beginner’s Guide to the Financial Universe.

Lianne McCafferty

March 2023 sees both Saturn and Pluto change sign simultaneously, Saturn into Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius. This is the next stage in their epoch-making journey which began with their conjunction in Capricorn in 2020, the first in over 500 years.

After meeting in 2020, Saturn set off ahead of Pluto, searching for cracks in the road whilst always looking over his shoulder to tell Pluto, “I’m paving the way Pluto, you follow on in your own time, take it slow and do the really deep work”.

So let’s join them as their landscape changes by both sign and element. What does this mean to their future plans, who else might they meet along the way and how might this impact us both collectively and personally?

Lianne holds the Mayo School of Astrology Diploma (Distinction) in both Natal & Mundane Astrology and now also tutors for the Mayo. She has a wide range of astrological interests with her current research focused on Asteroids and Dwarf Planets. As well as lecturing and writing, as a former professional sportsperson & coach she is particularly interested in the use of astrology to help enhance sport performance and is currently training for her Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

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