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Aquarius Severn: The Venus Star, our connection to a heart-centred cosmos

A talk with Arielle Guttman

This lecture will introduce the audience to the Star of Venus. Many of us are aware of our own personal (natal) position of Venus, but few are aware that she, together with Earth, form a beautiful heart-shaped pentagonal pattern as they orbit around the Sun. That pattern is the Venus Star.

​Arielle Guttman will demonstrate the five current star points on the world chart and how they are relevant to the current timeline. Arielle will also display the table of dates to find your own Venus Star Point and place it in your chart for a bright new look at how this Venus is guiding your life path.

Arielle Guttman began her astrological studies in 1974 and has since authored five books in the field including the two-volume Mythic Astrology series with Kenneth Johnson and The AstroCartoGraphy Book of Maps with the late Jim Lewis.

More recently she has authored the ground-breaking volume on Venus called Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century which introduces the 5 Venus Star Points.

Arielle has lectured and taught around the world for various astrological organizations and schools. She currently lives in Greece. She offers a home-study course that leads to professional certification in the Venus Star Point system.

Check out her website: www.SophiaVenus.com.

Find Arielle on Facebook at: Arielle Guttman and Venus Star Rising.

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Time: 19:30 – Zoom room opens 19:15 GMT.

You must register in advance on the Aquarius Severn website.