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Aquarius Severn: Horary: Astrology as Divination

A talk with Mark Flaherty

Horary Astrology is the practice of interpreting a horoscope for the moment a question is asked, in order to determine the best course of action in the given situation. In this introduction to the ancient art, Mark will describe Horary’s philosophical basis, and how it is, for him, a ritual practice of communing with spirits. He will discuss what makes a good question and describe the essential technique involved in judging a chart. He will also give a detailed walkthrough of a real world horary question, so that you can see the practice in action.

Mark Flaherty is a consulting astrologer with clients in over 50 countries. He studied, and continues to study, Horary Astrology with Geoffrey Cornelius and Maggie Hyde. Formerly a skeptical computer programmer, severe illness led Mark to the Amazon jungle where he lived for many years, participating in countless shamanic ceremonies as part of his healing journey. It was here that he was introduced to astrology and immediately recognised the profound wisdom of this ancient practice.

His website is: mark-flaherty.com

Time: 19:30 – Zoom room opens 19:15 BST.

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