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Aquarius Severn: Surfing the Galactic Highways

A talk with Barry Goddard

Astrology has the power to take our breath away, to enchant us through the eerie synchronicities it reveals between sky events and earth events. Life presents us all with periods that are both challenging and potentially transformative. This month’s talk will explore topics from his recent book about astrology, ‘Surfing The Galactic Highways Adventures in Divinatory Astrology’ and will be an informal and wide-ranging conversation with Barry as he shares his personal experiences of working with astrology in intimate detail.  We will talk about how the outer planets can be used to help navigate and illuminate those testing times and how astrology can guide us through the deep initiatory and transformative experiences that life, if we are willing, offers us – providing an affirmation of an intuitive, non-rational means of knowing that’s central to who we are as humans, but undervalued and even denied in our modern age. 

​Barry has also kindly offered to give a few live ‘mini readings’ during the Q&A at the end of his hour with us.  If you would like to be involved, you can submit your birth data by clicking here.  We will select a few at random on the night, so please don’t be too disappointed if you aren’t chosen. Please note that these readings will be on the recording we place on YouTube.

In his twenties and thirties Barry was engaged in Buddhist practice, but for the last 25 years the main currents have been astrology and shamanism. He regularly writes blogs and Facebook posts about both shamanism and astrology, to which he brings a fresh and sometimes controversial perspective. He also does astrology readings and runs courses on Shamanism. . Barry lives on Dartmoor in Devon, UK.

Time: 19:30 – Zoom room opens 19:15 BST.

You must register in advance on the Aquarius Severn website.