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Asteria Teaching: Working with astrological symbols (online)

Online masterclass with Carole Taylor

25 November 2023, 2.30 – 5pm UT/GMT

“Symbols are powerful because they are the visible signs of invisible realities.” ~ St Augustine

Interpretation of symbols is the very heart of our work as astrologers. The aim of this masterclass is to help you develop depth, breadth and agility in your interpretation, giving you confidence in reading charts for others and new ideas for exploring your own chart. Using a variety of examples, we will amplify the meaning of different planetary placements, aspects, and aspect patterns, teasing out the possibilities and the language.

Symbols stand at the border between seen and unseen worlds, pointing towards the hidden depths of our existence and experience. We can never arrive at a definitive meaning for any symbol, for they belong to the imaginative realm of archetype, which only invites further thought and engagement. Astrological symbols thus point towards our continual growth and development, providing an endlessly rich language with which to explore our individual nature, our past experiences, and our future potentials.

Suitable for all stages of study.

Via Zoom: a recording will be available to stream for 30 days.

Cost: £40

See www.asteria-teaching.com or email us at info@asteria-teaching.com