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Asteria Teaching: Interpreting the Whole Chart Workshop (in-person)

Interpreting the Whole Chart

Workshop with Kim Farley and Carole Taylor

12 August 2023, 11am-5pm
How do we enter into life? What do we aspire to and what are we rooted in? How do we
connect to others? The horizontal and vertical axes of Ascendant-Descendant and MC-IC
create a powerfully personal framework within which our planets and indeed our
experience are grounded.

Taking rulership into account, we’ll explore the rich range of possibilities and inclinations
that emanate from each of the four angles, allowing insights into specific patterns linked ted
to personality, partnerships, belonging and aspirations. We’ll be looking in detail at how
these crucial factors play out in our lives, using the charts of participants as well as examples
from case history files and those in the public eye.

Aimed at all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.

Venue: Kipling Community Rooms, Simla House, Kipling Estate, Weston St London SE1 3RW
Cost: £75 (£200 if you book for all three workshops together: 1st & 22nd July, 12th August).
A simple vegan/vegetarian lunch and tea/coffee is included in the cost.
See www.asteria-teaching.com or email us at info@asteria-teaching.com