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Astro Magia Conference

We are endeavouring to take the conversation further regarding the practice, study, and expression of astrological magic.

About the Conference

The practice and study of astrological magic has been on the rise in recent decades. As part of the contemporary western-astrological tradition, its practice has often inhabited the fringe. This, however, is shifting. More are starting to see astrological magic as the “missing piece” within the tradition: that of the participatory. Just as observational astrology moves us out from charts and into the living sky, astral magic offers the opportunity to move beyond concept and onto encounter. This symposium seeks to gather the many voices and actors who engage with this content and context.

Our Speakers and Contributors

Astro Magia is honoured to showcase the insights, practices, art, and passion of some of the leading lights within the field of the astral magical arts and adjacent fields in this transdisciplinary conference. Some of our speakers include Nina Gryphon, Michael Ofek, Becca Tarnas, Gordon White, Dr Al Cummins, Kadmus Herschel, Alkistis Dimech, Christopher Warnock, and Austin Coppock, Alison Chicosky, and Sasha Ravitch. Join us as we take the conversation further!

Find out more at astromagia.org.