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Astrology Student Conference – Online

Astrology in Action: Cycles & Dialogues

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 April 2021

Our two-day conference will once again be online with a star-studded line-up of 25 internationally acclaimed astrologers offering psychological, classical, evolutionary and humanistic approaches to our art.
An All-Star Weekend Online  with: Stephen Arroyo • Colin Bedell • Faye Blake • Dr Greg Bogart • Dr Bernadette Brady • Linda Kubota Byrd • Dr Nicholas Campion • Gary P Caton • Wade Caves • Brian Clark • Frank Clifford • Dr Stormie Grace • Dr Karen Hamaker-Zondag • Lynda Hill • Tony Howard • Christian König • Samuel Reynolds • Alexander von Schlieffen • Nadiya Shah • Wendy Stacey • Kira Sutherland • Richard Swatton • Dr Richard Tarnas • Dr Yvonne Smith Tarnas • Gisele Terry
Join us from your own location, anywhere in the world. Enrolment guarantees:
– Live access to both tracks during the weekend – 28-day access to watch/rewatch all recordings – Entry to a cyber ‘coffee shop’ to mingle with other attendees during the weekend – Simple instructions to log in; and you’ll be emailed Zoom training slots if you’re new to online conferences
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Full information and booking here