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Bath Astrology Forum: Lilith

A talk with Martin Moritz

Ceres: Environmentalist, Democracy Advocate, Suffragette and Mother-in-Law

Why does Lilith in the chart have to do with facets of feminity which are suppressed in patriarchal systems? Why can being a woman in our society be so tricky and why are there so many ways in which women can do wrong? In terms of archetypes, Lilith mostly is a sinister, evil and dangerous figure. But why? Can’t we allow her to have other, more gentle and sympatheic facets as well?

What does Lilith stand for in a male chart and why men can oftentimes have trouble with repressed femininity. And, as a cherry on the top: why are drag queens, a cultural phenomenon which has become mainstream, such good representatives of a modern, emopowered, Lilith archetype, even if taken way over the top? The myth/forbidden facets of femininity: I am going to discuss what ‘femininity‘ is and how patriarchal rules define this. How does living in a binary gender role stereotype determined society define our life? Gender bending: LGBTQ topics are often directly linked to Lilith, vividly encapsulated in the popular Drag Queen culture, when men create a super woman persona in order to express their own feminine (and masculine) side.

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