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Book Launch: Mattering the Invisible

With with Dr. Jack Hunter and Dr. Diana Espírito Santo

The Sophia Centre is proud to announce the publication of Mattering the Invisible: Technologies, Bodies and the Realm of the Spectral, edited by Diana Espirito Santo and Jack Hunter.

This radical new book brings together an international cast of contributors to explore some of the many different ways that matter is active in expressing the invisible – from the role of the body in manifesting spirits in mediumship, communications with UFOs through radios, and hunting for ghosts with EMF meters, to the efforts of meteorologists and physicists to make sense of hidden forces and processes, and more. This book suggests that machines, people, and invisible beings are much more entangled than we might at first expect.

This online event will be introduced by Prof. Nicholas Campion and will feature brief talks from the contributors introducing their chapters, including Diana Espirito Santo, Jack Hunter, Miguel Algranti, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Ehler Voss, Andrea Lathrop Ligueros, Renzo Taddei, Anne Dippel and Ruy Llera Blanes.

Join us on Zoom at 4PM BST on June 7th

Book here: sophia-project.net/Events/2021-hunter-santo-book-launch.php