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Brighton Astrology Circle: The Astrology of ‘The Crown’

A virtual talk with Alex Trenoweth

For centuries, astrology and royalty have been linked. In recent times, we have all become riveted by The Crown Netflix series which tells the tangled tale of the current British Royal Family through an abdication crisis, divorce and infidelity, public dramas and behind-the-scenes heartache as well as several Prime Ministers. But is it all down to juicy plotlines and good acting? Alex has been studying the astrology of famous people and the actors who portray them and what she has discovered is that there are strong astrological links that tell the real story. So grab some popcorn and settle in for a very interesting screening starring Astrology and Royalty.

Alex Trenoweth is a professional schoolteacher as well as an astrologer specialising in child development, particularly the important life stage of adolescence. She has spoken at astrology conferences around the world, contributed to important astrological publications and has won several major awards for her unique research based on her book “Growing Pains: The Astrology of Adolescence” by The Wessex Astrologer. She has also authored “The Adolescent Astrology Report” which was created to help parents and teachers understand the children they care for. Her new book “Mirror Mirror: Famous People and the Actors who have Portrayed Them” contains a foreword by the legendary astrologer Julia Parker. Alex has recently started her own astrology school, Rohini Academy of Astrology and is currently very busy with clients and students. Her website is www.alextrenoweth.co.uk

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