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Brighton Astrology Circle: Declination – the forgotten key to time, weather, and markets

A virtual talk with Tania Daniels

Declination is often considered a tool of modern astrology, but reading carefully through traditional text sources, we can find many hints to its use since antiquity. In the declination cycle, a planet moves from his southernmost position in relation to the equator to its northernmost position where it stands still for a while before it starts descending south, crosses the equator and finally reaches the southernmost position again. These declination periods are not all the same. The Moon reaches her so called lunistices only every 18.6 years, the other planets have different periods.  In this talk we will look at these so often forgotten cycles and how to use them.

Tania Daniels holds a degree in business administration and became interested in Astrology in 1998 after having read an astrological analysis of Leonardo da Vinci’s last Supper. She finished training in psychological astrology in 2002 at the Berlin school of the German Astrology Association (DAV). In 2009 she was introduced to traditional astrology by Deborah Houlding. She holds the STA Horary Diploma (master course), has studied Robert Zoeller’s Medieval Astrology Course and gained her certificate in Hellenistic Astrology in early 2017 from Chris Brennan. Tania is deeply interested in the very foundations of astrology and fascinated by the hidden information in cosmologies and religions from all over the world, religion and Ayurveda, natural health and medical astrology, as well as in the forecasting techniques of ancient astrology. She has published more than 50 articles which have been published in German, Spanish, English, Italian and Turkish on www.astro.com, in the English Astrological Journal, the German Meridian Fachzeitschrift für Astrologie and the Italian Linguaggio Astrale, the ISAR Magazine, the Spanish Stellium magazine, the AFAN magazine, in the publication The Ascendant and in the Infinity Astrological Magazine . She is a tutor for the QHP and an international speaker. Tania is currently finishing her book on Latitude, declination, nodes and apogee: The lost secrets of our ancestors. She lives in Italy and offers horary and natal consultations in person and via zoom.

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