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Brighton Astrology Circle: Van Gogh

A virtual talk with Claudia Bader

“I am a fanatic! I feel a power in me…a fire that I may not quench but must keep ablaze.” Van Gogh 1881

A client contacts you for an appointment: no one loves him and his career is going nowhere. His name is Vincent Van Gogh.This lecture is a psychoaesthetic deep dive into his life and psychodynamics as expressed through his chart and his artwork; particularly the troubles of excessive Jupiter energy. What do you say? How do you say it? How do you manage the session/s? What heals/helps? Key principles the astrologer can use to best be of service: knowing the chart, reading the room, dosage/timing, empathic resonance.

Claudia Bader, NCGR-PAA Level IV Counseling Astrologer, licensed psychoanalyst and creative arts therapist, has pioneered the interface of psychoanalysis, astrology, alchemy, art, and mandalas since 1973, teaching at universities and conferences. She served on the boards of AFAN, the Association of Astrology and Psychology, and was head of the Institute for Expressive Analysis and “out” as an astrologer. Published in the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion and different astrology journals, her PhD explores the relationship of astrologers to astrology through the lens of transitional phenomena and the transformational object. Co-author of the bestselling Love Planets, in private practice in NYC, she also takes people to their soul homes with past life and spiritual regression.

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