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Brighton Astrology Circle: The Parts of Spirit and Marriage and their uses

A virtual talk with Israel Ajose

The parts of the chart often referred to as lots or Arabic parts date back from antiquity, and the usage and understanding of the lots has nearly been virtually lost in western astrological practice. The part of fortune aka lot was and still is one of the most important and pivotal parts of a natal chart. Which is often not used or disregarded. In this lecture will will be looking and exploring how these vital tools give us much more depth and information about our lives, by integrating these tools we get to have a much better way of interpreting the chart, and also strengthening our predictive techniques.

Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astrol is a dedicated student and teacher of astrology, tarot, and a consultant. He studied and completed full honours in psychological astrology at the centre of psychological astrology in London with Liz Greene. By combining traditional, mediaeval, and psychological and Vedic techniques and methods, he is now a full-time practitioner & teacher of astrology, tarot, philosophical and esoteric teachings. He is currently the President of the Astrological Lodge of London. Much of his studies and practices also include cosmology, mythology, occult sciences, Kabbalah, shamanism, and divination.

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