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Brighton Astrology Circle: The Karmic Ghosts of your Natal Chart

A virtual talk with Giorgia Pecora

The Fourth, Eighth, and Twelfth houses compel us to confront the debts, shadows of former incarnations, our connection with our lineage, and the karmic stories associated with our genealogical tree. How can we navigate them in a conscious way? We will explore specific astrological signatures and strategies to empower our clients karmically.

Giorgia Pecora is a certified psychological astroconsultant and teacher, specializing in karmic dynamics, shadow work, relationship astrology, and astro genealogy. Her astrological approach is influenced by studies in theosophy, somatic work, shamanic practices, and sexological bodywork. In addition to her extensive background in Intercultural studies and Pedagogy, Giorgia holds an MA in Astrogenealogy from the School of Systemic Therapy “Astroconstelationes” under the guidance of Cecilia Garcia Robles. Since founding her school in 2017, she has passionately shared her knowledge with over 200 students. Giorgia’s teaching method is characterized as fun, dynamic, and community-oriented, creating an enriching learning experience for all. Expect lots of hand gestures in typical Italian style as well. For more information about her work, please visit www.visionairastrology.com.

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