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Brighton Astrology Circle in-person workshop: The Method and Importance of Mundane Astrology with Roy Gillett

A full day workshop with Roy Gillett

A Whole Day to discover how to use astro-cycles to restore healing control of our lives and our world.

We will learn many ways of calculating and presenting astrological cycles. Then consider the astrology of contemporary and likely future events, seeing how we could heal negative natural and human behaviour.

How historical cycles help us understand present and future times

Examples using the interactive cycles of Jupiter to Pluto.

How inner planets help us understand the flow of the year

Studying examples of the annual /bi-annual cycles of the inner planets and their interaction with the outers.

How fast-moving points trigger actual events

Studying The Moon, angles, Fortuna and midpoints in specific occurrences.

Better times ahead

Having identified the astro-cycle background, we will consider the development of both mundane and personal charts [maybe yours] and share ways to harness astro-cycle knowledge to get back control of our lives and our world for the better.


Roy’s books give a clear idea of what this day will offer.

Astrology and Compassion the Convenient TruthEconomy Ecology and KindnessReversing the Race to Global Destruction and especially Working with the Planets Clearer Understanding Better Decisions [2021] – an enhanced compilation, with commentary and historical references, from his 2002-2021 bi-monthly Astrological Journal column.

Check out more information and read sample pages at http://crucialastrotools.co.uk

Roy Gillett, President of The Astrological Association, full-time astrologer and writer since 1976, advises on astrology software, speaks at many international conferences and studies Tibetan Buddhism. Since 1978, Roy has published mundane forecasts, with a compassionate emphasis. He has edited English translations of André Barbault books. His introductory book The Secret Language of Astrology is popular in nine languages throughout the world.


Date: Saturday 18 June 2022
Venue: The Loft – Top Floor Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, First Avenue, Hove BN3 2FL
Time: 10:00 – 16:00am. Please arrive after 09:30 for the 10:00 start

To Book Your Place: The fee for the day is £40. Book online here.