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Faculty of Astrological Studies Online Seminars

OUR ONLINE SEMINARS are open to everyone. Many topics directly support the material of the Faculty course modules, making them ideal for Faculty students. However, no previous affiliation with the Faculty is required in order to enrol.

Each seminar costs £35. You do not need to attend in real time. Your enrolment gives you access to a recording for 30 days – perfect for review or if you were unable to attend when the seminar was broadcast.

The Faculty uses Zoom as an online platform. Please email onlineseminars@astrology.org.uk with any queries, and see our website for full details.

The Angles of the Chart:
The MC–IC Axis

with Cat Cox
Thursday 7th December
6.30–8.00pm GMT

The four angles of the birth chart anchor us into the cosmos at the moment of our birth and orient us into life across the four directions. We can think of the angles as pathways into the areas of life they symbolise and we can discover their meaning though exploring their signs, rulers and any planets on the angles who help guide us on these journeys.

The MC-IC axis is the great central axis of the chart extending up into the stars above and down into the earth beneath our feet. Many traditions speak of the world axis or the world tree signifying the axis between heaven and earth, and exploring this symbolism in the chart helps us to bring meaning to our experience of home and roots and discovering where we belong, and to our experience of career and calling and discovering our place in the world.

In these two seminars we will explore the four angles mythologically and symbolically and consider their interpretation in a number of charts.