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Faculty of Astrological Studies Online Seminars

OUR ONLINE SEMINARS are open to everyone. Many topics directly support the material of the Faculty course modules, making them ideal for Faculty students. However, no previous affiliation with the Faculty is required in order to enrol.

Each seminar costs £35. You do not need to attend in real time. Your enrolment gives you access to a recording for 30 days – perfect for review or if you were unable to attend when the seminar was broadcast.

The Faculty uses Zoom as an online platform. Please email onlineseminars@astrology.org.uk with any queries, and see our website for full details.

Unveiling the Profound Depths of the 8th House:
A Journey of Transformation

with Alejo López
Saturday 9th December
9.30–11.00am GMT

Let’s step into the realm of the dark 8th house, traditionally associated with crises and transformation. This enigmatic house now reveals profound psychological insights that shake the foundations of our very sense of self. Positioned in a natural quincunx to the Ascendant, it challenges our identity and vitality, making its contents elusive yet deeply impactful. During this webinar, we will unpack the reasons behind its reputation as the house of death and explore its significance for psychological astrologers. By looking at the theory as well as some practical examples, this journey into the underworld will help us understand how planets behave within this transformative realm and learn how to unlock growth from its fertile depths.