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Greek Island Summer School: Interpretation

Photo of Porto Ketsiki beach, Lefkada by Valdemaras D. on Unsplash

Come to Nidri on the beautiful Greek island of Lefkada and experience an unforgettable week of relaxation and astrology

For astrology students it’s vital to move from astrology information to meaning. Hence the demand for this course. Learn how to look at any horoscope and zoom straight in on what is important.

You’ll learn how to convert the astrological information into meaning and bring each chart to life with accurate interpretation, in a way that is meaningful to you and/or a client.

We will revise the traditional symbolism of signs, planets, houses and aspects with the aim of deciphering patterns and applying this technique to as many charts as possible, including your own. You’ll also learn how to work with transits and other timing techniques for predictive work.

From the 1st – 8th September. For booking, prices, etc. go to joannawatters.com